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One of the people we follow religiously, is Bari Weiss, an ex-NY Times reporter. She left because it became impossible to work there if one did not ascribe to the liberal-woke culture. As she said, “intellectual curiosity” was “now a liability at The Times.”

After leaving she created a platform called, get this one: Imagine? Common sense. She wrote a superb breakdown of the 'breakdown' of the republican party. We will give you one of the salient points:

Trump is poison. Trump lost in 2020 and on Tuesday night he helped lose at least 23 elections.

No big whoop except that for the first time, Trump looks like more of a liability than a asset. We will add that he although he was always a blowhard - arrogant and pompous - he somehow managed to surpass his own arrogance. That's over.

He no longer adds anything to the national narrative. He did do some good things when he was president, but his need to be the center of attention has made him the biggest liability of the republican party.

No need to gloat and give us any tsk tk's peeps. Trump had his day and could have been president a second term if it were not for himself. He is, by far and away, his own worst enemy.

But...until people stop voting for him he has a chance at the big job. A slim one, but it's there nonetheless. He won in 2016 thanks to Hillary, a ridiculously easy target. Ron DeSantis is not that kind of person. He will not get rattled by Trump, which of course will make the Donald double down on him.

The dust is just settling after the mid-terms. Trump's upcoming announcement of his candidacy tonight shows how really delusional he is. We read that Ivanka and Jared are not going to support him this time around. Time will tell. More importantly, let's see wh0 has the kahoonas to stand up to him and tell him to buzz off.

In the phew department, Justin finally, after a long hiatus from his bromance with Obama, has found a new bro - British PM Rishi Sunak.

They are both youngish, both have good hair and for now, are both heads of their governments. There is however, one fundamentally massive difference: Sunak has gzillions of dollars - his own money while Justin pretends to have gzillions of dollars but it's our money.

It didn't seem to bother either of them as they gazed lovingly into each other's eyes. As one report stated: They both wore white shirts (we will add with their sleeves rolled up) and dark trousers, and seemed relaxed, often smiling and giggling at each other’s jokes. Giggling? Spare us.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Russia missed their Ukrainian target and a rocket landed in Poland near the Ukrainian border, killing two people.

Putin is pretending this war is not even happening so explaining this is going to take some serious skating. This is going to get very dicey because according to Article 5 in NATO's constitution which Poland is part of, an attack against one NATO Ally is considered an attack against all Allies.

Latvia, Hungary, Estonia and Moldava have all convened their emergency defense councils. Nothing is off the table with Putin. Nothing.

At the G20 Summit, Justin announced pledges to help developing countries improve their infrastructure, go green and make COVID-19 vaccines and he said these things with a straight face.

Can we talk? This guy is so full of it he needs to walk around with a permanent lie detector. And, he continues, unabated, to spend your money. Like it or not.

He can't run his own country and he's now promising to help third world countries with infrastructure? And the vaccines? We don't have enough Tylenol for our own kids and he promising to help other countries? Our medical system is on the verge of collapse, causing those dreaded words mask mandate to reappear.

Does he seriously think anybody believes that he will deliver on any of those empty promises. The answer is no.

Yet another terrorist attack in Israel today. Four people died, three were injured. Can none of the so-called arab leaders control their men? Clearly not.

These next lines come directly from the Government of Canada website. This is where your tax dollars are going - to support places that praise, give gifts and rewards to terrorists. Terrorists who murder men, women and children just because they exist.

After you have read the following paragraph send a letter or email to your member of parliament and ask why they give money to terrorists:

Canada enjoys positive relations with the Palestinian Authority (PA), the governmental entity in the West Bank and Gaza. Canada recognizes the Palestinian right to self-determination and supports the creation of a sovereign, independent, viable, democratic and territorially contiguous Palestinian state, as part of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace settlement.

In accordance with the 1993 Oslo Accords, Canada’s representative office in Ramallah has responsibility for managing the Government of Canada’s relationship with the PA.

Does Justin even know he gives money to these people? Our money? If he does, it's way worse than if he doesn't know. Openly supporting terrorists? Are you kidding?

The committee investigating the Emergency Act called by Trudeau during the truck convoy fiasco is finally reaching its climax as Justin will be testifying next week.

The big question to ask is this: Was that a protest or a threat to national security? It was definitely not a threat to national security which is why one invokes the emergency act. Let's see how Justin will, like a snake, slither out of this one.

Our final note is a big mystery. We did some shopping in our local dollar store. Manning the cash register was the owner. We looked at him and said, "You're doing the cash?" His response: "Nobody wants to work anymore."

The mystery is how people are living. How do they pay their rent, buy food, drive a car, pay for a phone, clothe their children etc if they don't work? Where are they getting money to live?

If anyone has this answer, please feel free to share it.

We'll talk...

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