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Trump Was Right

Like it or not Blanche, Trump was right. For all the Hillary and Obama lovers, time to mature and admit that your dudes are exactly what people said they were: deceitful, sneaky, poor losers.

Many people were listening into Trumps conversations. And it seems that behind the whole fiasco was none other than Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor.

We will remind you that it was Susan Rice who went on every Sunday talk show the weekend that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered in Benghazi telling everyone that the riots there were caused by a video that made the people riot. Of course it was a huge cover-up (aka a big lie) and she was at the top of the heap protecting her darling friend Hillary Clinton who was then Secretary of State for Obama.

Now Susan Rice is back again, this time getting caught redhanded outing people or, as in the jargon of the intel community, unmasking people who were taped in conversations. No, she may not have actually ordered the unmasking of people, but she sure listened to conversations and knew who these people were.

Here’s what happened: Rice received summaries of U.S. eavesdropping either when foreign officials were discussing the Trump team, or when foreign officials were conversing with a Trump transition member.

The surveillance was legally authorized, but the identities of U.S. citizens are typically masked so they cannot be known outside intelligence circles. Rice also examined dozens of other intelligence summaries that technically masked Trump official identities but were written in such a way as to make obvious who those officials were.

Got that Blanche? Exactly what Edward Snowden said the US was doing. This time however, it was the Democrat party listening to Trump during the transition period. And then, identifying the people they were listening to.

People who dislike Trump, often irrationally, to put it mildly, are now going to have to take a huge step backwards. Rice and company are making Richard Nixon look like a choirboy.

This next piece is a good news bad news story. First the good news: 3% less people were killed in road accidents last year. Now the bad news: There was a 40 per cent jump in the number of pedestrian deaths in 2016.

Here’s some advice from Blanche: Stay in your car. Ok, eventually you have to get out. When you’re walking and/or crossing a street or even more dangerous, anywhere near a bicycle path, try not to walk with your head down looking at your phone. Really? You know, look up once in a while to see if the light is red or green.

And one more thing – if you don’t make eye contact with the driver or the save-the-world cyclist – you have to assume he or she didn’t see you. Splats are not pretty.

When you have a big ego and an even bigger mouth, often things wind up hitting the fan. So it is with Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre.

In a nutshell, when he was a federal Liberal MP, he got embroiled in a lawsuit with an NHL player by the name of Shane Doan. Coming to help him save the day was his friend and, oh by the way, Liberal Party of Canada fundraiser Jean Rizzuto (of the political clan, not the Mafia family). Rizzuto gave Coderre $25,000 as a present to help defray the cost of his lawsuit. Coderre never declared the gift.

Zut alors, when asked about the money Coderre denied knowing anything about it. He must have had a poutine and a ‘ot dog somewhere that helped jog his memory and suddenly he remembered getting the money. As a sitting Liberal MP at the time, Coderre would have been required to report all “gifts” over $500. He never declared the $25,000.

It appears that before asking if the House of Commons would help him, he launched into said lawsuit, accusing Doan of saying the f word when speaking of French Quebecers during a hockey game.

Coderre can certainly not plead ignorance on this ‘gift’ as he was sitting in the House for about 15 years and for sure knew the laws. Plus he was part of the Liberal party during the famous sponsorship scandal.

Le Journal is now challenging Coderre who said in an interview a while back that he’d paid “out of pocket” and would not disclose the legal costs he’d incurred because they were “private.” So what’s with the $25,000 gift taken as a sitting MP?

All of this to say that this story is breaking in an election year which, for Coderre, cannot be making him a happy camper. Here’s a tip for our mayor: You can’t have it both ways. If you’re going to have a loud opinion on everything, you are going to incur the attention of people, including reporters who love a good, juicy story. Oh, one more thing. Rizzuto has interests in Montreal, including a firm involved with a development project and a company that has contracts with the Société de transport de Montréal. Quel surprise.

Seems the TSA has been very busy of late. One day in February, the agency discovered 21 firearms at U.S. airports—the most weapons ever seized in a single day. Blanche, ya think Billy-Bob and Betsy-Mae never heard that they can’t bring their guns on the plane? After all, there’s no squirrels or road kill. But we digress.

Last year, the TSA seized 3,391 firearms at airports across the US, a 28 percent increase from 2015. We saved the best – and scariest part for last. Of the 21 weapons seized on that day in February, all but 1 were loaded. Seriously, people do have pea brains.

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