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Two Grandmothers on a Bench Having a Conversation: MY son is a doctor. Meh says the other grandmothe

It seems that years, not days have passed since our last blog,  each day bringing more edicts from the government. The main directive:  everyone just stay home. Go for a walk, take a drive in your car (without getting out) or open your window and breathe some fresh air but don’t interact with anyone. 

We have been watching all the news conferences and noticed that Dr. Anthony Fauci is now absent from the Trump conferences. At first we thought there was a rift, as the media would very much like us to believe. Today our fears were allayed.

Before we address this we will remind you that Joe Biden heavily criticized Trump for quickly closing the borders. Trump was 100% right in shutting out all flights from China and Europe. There is no doubt that saved thousands of people from contracting the virus.

Regarding Fauci – he said unequivocally today that there is no rift. He calmly explained that he deals only with the health part of what is happening, while Trump has to deal with both the economy and health and the impossible balancing act.

Take a deep breath everyone. There are facts that are givens: We are in completely unchartered waters. Donald Trump is the president. The virus is real. Criticizing what he is doing is not helping the situation. And anyway, it’s totally out of our control.

The only thing we can control is our own behaviour. If everyone just listened and stayed home perhaps this would end sooner. Sadly, such is not the case. People are not owning up to the fact that they have the virus and/or not respecting the quarantine. Both are dead wrong. Stay home. Stay home. Stay home.

It appears that the airlines may have to shut down completely for a while as no one is traveling. In any case, the government may shut them down for all domestic flights to prevent the spreading of the virus from hot spots.

Blanche, don’t you sometimes wish that Trump would talk the same language as the governors? New York is in serious trouble, just at the beginning of their curve. Trump is saying that he wants to restart the economy on April 6.

We don’t have a crystal ball and are certainly not making any predictions. We also understand that Trump is trying to be positive. But he needs to listen a bit more to his advisors. April 6 is simply not realistic.

And speaking of the economy…can we talk? While we are far from being an economist, we do know one thing. Everybody wants everyone else’s business to come back. We are intertwined – the dentist needs a lawyer. The lawyer needs a suit. The suit maker needs fabric. The fabric people need wool. And everybody likes to go to a restaurant and their favourite coffee place.

It will be the banks and those who lend money to people who will be a big determining factor as to how fast the economy comes back. If loans and rents are forgiven for a few months to allow people to get back on their feet, it will go a long way to help restarting the general economy.

Listening to doom and gloom economists who are guessing doesn’t do anyone any good. As this never happened before, everyone is simply going on statistics. What is not in the statistics they are looking at is the goodwill and caring of people in general.

We know this is not the time to be negative, but we must comment on Joe Biden. Not to be mean, but because he is going to be running for president of the United States and he clearly has a huge issue.

First, he was speaking from his house and continuously touched his face. A big no-no. Then  he lost his place on the teleprompter and began to go off on a very weird ad-lib. There’s something wrong with him and making him the democratic nominee is insane.

Those living in Florida have a very serious problem as their governor, DiSantis, refuses to shut the borders and people are streaming in from NY, desperate to get out of there.

The gov is asking people to self-quarantine when they get to Florida. Seriously? He thinks that’s going to happen? If you know anyone living in Florida, you should very strongly advise them to stay indoors.

And finally, for those who thought Russia didn’t have the virus, quel surprise – they were lying. Vladimir Putin donned a hazmat suit and respirator on Tuesday during a visit to a hospital treating coronavirus patients and the mayor of Moscow said the outbreak in the Russian capital was much worse than official figures showed.

Here’s the best part; While standing in his hazmat suit with his ventilator, Putin was saying that it’s not so bad there. He may be fooling the Russian people who get their news from the government, but there’s no way on earth that it is not rampant there. Ya gotta feel bad for the peeps there.

We’ll talk…

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