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We could not resist a blog today as the news is simply insane.

Let's start with Montreal's mayor Valerie Plante. Over the years she has slowly but surely turned Montreal from a beautiful, proud, cosmopolitan city into a little town located somewhere in the backwaters of quebec.

Not only was there no meeting between anyone associated with the Grand Prix last weekend, some of her administration - starting with her - were obviously unhappy with all the carbon emissions. Blanche, is there anything more important to her than ridding the city from cars?

Nothing worked. While tens of thousands of people were trying to leave the Grand Prix another group of tens of thousands was trying to enter the island to see a group that never showed up. The result was mass chaos.

The tents where the media are located flood every year. She promised that would be fixed for this year. Not done.

The streets in Montreal look like a city after a bombing. One cannot get anywhere and parking is an exercise in frustration.

Then of course there was the fiasco of shutting down restaurants on Friday night at 9:30 pm in the middle of people's meals. Note that most of those people were tourists. Imagine what they thought of what happened? Most likely that they were in the Ukraine or some other communist country.

When asked if she will refund the $17,000 fines given to restaurants she could not answer the question because she has not a clue that a) there were fines and b) who gave them and c) what to do about them.

Madame Plante is running around the city looking like the fool she is. We have little use for Legault's minions but the tourist minister said what everyone feels: We are ashamed of what our city has become.

Then there's the dynamic duo of Justin and Housefather. Yes peeps. Housefather stayed with his 'leader' and is now attached to him at the hip and will be smeared with the manure Justin spews.

Ergo you vote for Justin and you are voting for someone who betrayed the Jews in Canada. And that includes Mr. nice guy Housefather.

Yes. He betrayed the Jewish community by not having the kahoonas to leave the liberal party. Instead he chose the easy and safe route and remained in a party that has no moral compass and no coherent plan to deal with rampant antisemitism in Canada.

He needs the same message as Justin.

Get one thing in your head: Justin decided that even though people (even in his party) despise him, he just can't leave. "It's not me. I can't quit." He's addicted to power. End of story.

Leaving the Jewish communities of Canada at the mercy of masked antisemites who are constantly harrassing Jews is what you will be voting for.

McGill is obviously getting funded by arab countries as they no longer need Jewish money.

They are kissing the feet and behinds of the 'protesters' - negotiating with them. Are you kidding? Looking into divesting from Israeli or Jewish organizations? They have lost their minds.

Giving the moronic 'protesters' - who have nothing to do with McGill amnesty? For harassing not only Jewish students, but their own administration?

Something stinks here and when something stinks this badly there's only one thing to look at: follow the money.

hamas has rejected any notion of peace. In one second the war would be over if they would release the hostages. They will not do so.

As per Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin, the Gaza conflict will continue unless hostages released in exchange for ceasefire.

Here's a headline: hamas wants their civilians in the line of fire. The more their own people are killed, the happier they are as they see what is happening vis-a-vis the protesters in the rest of the world and the lack of any response. So why should they stop now?

Coupled with the fact that the more of their civilians are killed - often by their own people - the happier they are.

In the end, G-d runs the world. Our hope is that He gives Israel the strength and wisdom to finish the war, save all the living hostages and return the bodies of those who perished.

And finally, in an interview with her daughter, Nancy Pelosi said on tape that she is the one responsible for not calling out the National Guard on January 6. Look it up yourself.

She's now walking this back, but it seems to be accurate information. And if it is, then the whole deck of cards the democrats have built to get rid of Trump is going to start to fall apart.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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