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We Are Out of Order Until Further Notice: Our Stupid People Filter Needs Cleaning and Our Give a Hoo

Toiletgate is taking on a life of its own. That is if things that go in the toilet can do such a thing. Blanche, this could get very gross.

Whether or not the ‘raw sewage’ (a nice term for human excrement, which a nice term for poop, which is a nice term for….) will do any harm to the fish, birds, plants, turtles, bugs, butterflies etc is not really the issue. It is the sheer volume that is grossing people out. 8 BILLION LITRES OF YOU-KNOW-WHAT flowing into the river for a week.

There are now petitions, marches, political activists and American senators weighing into the fray. Mayor Corderre has flown the coop – ostensibly on a planned trip to Africa. How fitting a place to go, where they most likely have toilets only in hotels and cities. Ya think da mayor will have to do the old McCovey catchers squat? Unlikely cause he wouldn’t be able to get up. Blanche, you’re really disgusting.

The best is Quebec`s Environment minister, the one who knows ‘exactly what will happen and what is going on’ – not – had to issue a correction over information he had wrongly shared no less than four times. He kept saying that putting a stop to the plan to dump poop in the river would put the city’s water supply at risk. In fact, it would put the plant that treats the city’s waste water at risk. Now don’t you feel like they have the situation in hand?

As we keep saying, brains are a very low criteria to get into political office. Seems in Quebec, they aren’t even on the list.

Blanche cannot understand the pictures chosen by our local newspaper, the Montreal Gazette, to depict what is transpiring in Israel in these days. Yesterday they used a picture of arab women shrieking and wailing ostensibly due to the death of a son who stabbed an Israeli. It is well known that many of those pictures are staged for the press. Today they chose to show an arab lying on the street surrounded by four or five Israeli soldiers. He had either stabbed someone or was throwing rocks at people or cars. That of course did not appear.

What they are not showing are Israelis – men, women and children – getting stabbed waiting for a bus, walking to work, pushing a stroller or going to pray. It seems to be open season on the Jews in Israel and both male and female arabs, Israeli arabs no less, have decided that instead of making a salad with their knives, they would rather stab a Jew.

The government shut down East Jerusalem and the store keepers are up in arms. We wonder which one of those storekeepers watched, calmly sipping a coke and then spitting at her as Mrs. Benitah was running through their market with a knife in her back after watching her husband get stabbed to death.

There is no doubt that there is a concerted and deliberate effort to get rid of Hillary Clinton. Every day little drips of information regarding her email fiasco hit the press. Today it was a technology subcontractor who worked on her e-mail setup that expressed concerns over the summer that the system was inadequately protected and vulnerable to hackers. Good morning America.

Seems that the sensitive high profile nature of the data needed a serious security upgrade by adding sophisticated encryption technology to its backup systems and this was not done. Everyone is waiting to see what Biden does. If he decides to run her chances diminish even more. Volkswagon, the company that lied, cheated and duped millions of their tree-hugging buyers into thinking that they were saving the world, is not out of the woods by a long shot. Someone should enlighten those granola-eating skinny people that until India and China stop building coal-fired factories, nothing’s going to change in the atmosphere. But we digress.

Today, Michael Horn, a top U.S. executive will say he knew Volkswagon might be breaking U.S. emissions rules as long as 18 months before it admitted cheating diesel tests to regulators. Say it ain’t so.

The admission by Horn is likely to raise questions about why the German company did not act more quickly to tackle its wrongdoing. Now there’s the problem.

Our stupid people filter needs cleaning because it got completely covered over with dust from the street fixers.

Why is the city of Montreal ripping up every street that they can get a truck onto? Honestly, they have to be the stupidest people known to man. They need to go and live in Cuba where the streets really need help. Blanche, you know you’ve said this a zillion times already and are sounding like a broken record.

There is no doubt that digging up the streets business is a make-work project. The problem is the dude on the street to the left has no clue that the dude on the street to the right has also ripped up the pavement and has trucks parked all over the place. So if you try to take a shortcut – fuggedaboutit. You’re trapped like a rat in a cage. Make sure you have good music in your car cause you’ll be bonding with your seat for a very long time – on a daily basis.

In late breaking news, one of the dudes who saved everyone on that train in France a couple of months ago was stabbed in Sacramento last night. The world is insane.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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