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We Don’t Want to Talk about THAT!

Three weeks doesn’t sound like such a long time, but in the life of an election campaign every day is like a lifetime. Since the entry of pkp into the Quebec election fray, the talk on the campaign trail has been independence, tolls, borders and currency of a sovereign Quebec. Well, the polls are starting to reflect a shift toward the Liberals and princess pauline ain’t a happy camper.

With the prince at her side (who she physically pushed aside to get to the microphone), they refused to answer any questions about a referendum, saying that she’s running an election campaign, not a campaign on the country of Quebec. Don’t want to bust her bubble, but the cat’s outta the bag lady. Your star performer wants to raise his children in the country of Quebec. Marois can want to change the topic but people have woken up and, for now at least, look like they get it. As we said though, a lot can happen in three weeks. Let’s hope and pray that Couillard can stay in the game. Every since the Habs goalie Cary Price went to the olympics and won the gold medal for Canada, he’s been MIA. Injured. There’s no way the owners of the team will let any of their star players do that again. Next time you see hockey in the olympics you won’t see too many professional players. They get nothing in return except paying out a salary for someone sitting on the bench. Nu Blanche – where is that plane? Talk about going in circles. First they were searching in the South China Sea. Now they said no, the plane was still active even after they lost contact with them. So they’re looking in the Indian Ocean. A map will show you that it is Malaysia that separates those two oceans. It looks like this search is only just beginning. There’s a lotta water out there. Remember when your parents said if you do that…and then you did it and nothing happened? Well, that’s the way Obama looks right now. Like a weak parent. The US is threatening Russia saying that if they don’t reverse their stance on the Ukraine by Monday… What exactly will Obama do? From his track record nothing. And guess what? There’s nothing he can do. Sanctions? Putin will give him the finger and he doesn’t care if the whole population there starves.

Russia is saber-rattling and no one can do a thing about it. Sunday is the referendum in the Crimea and from the looks of things, the Crimea will go from Ukrainian hands to Russian hands.

Oh yes, one more thing. Remember that organization called the United Nations? It could possibly be the most useless place in the world. Have you heard from them lately? Aren’t they supposed to try to mediate this issue? Never mind. As long as everyone gets paid in there and the left of left liberals keep supporting them, they have nothing to worry about. And one more thing about the PQ’s new star gzillionaire candidate, PKP. An IT/marketing firm owned by Péladeau’s Quebecor won $13.5-million in Quebec government contracts last year, as reported by the Quebecor-owned Journal de Montréal this morning.

Péladeau is a majority shareholder in Quebecor and his company has been handling IT projects for the National Assembly and several government ministries, including justice, international relations, education, economic development, municipal affairs, transport and others. Conflict of interest anyone? Yes Blanche, there’s a huge conflict of interest and Peladeau may have to choose sooner than he would like if he wants to be in politics or run a media empire. Ya can’t do both dude.

Purim Saturday night, March 15 (after nightfall) and Sunday March 16. One is obligated to hear the Megilla read twice, Saturday night and Sunday. It will be read at the Montreal Torah Center (28 Cleve road) 8:15 Saturday night and Sunday 9:30, 10:30 and 4:30. (Check the website of the chabad house near you to find out local times.)

We are also offering you a Purim article written by Blanche, published in the CJN.Link to the article:

Good Shabbos and Happy Purim,

We’ll talk…

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