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Sunny ways, sunny ways. How Justin wishes those days to return. Unfortunately for him, the truth always wins out. Always. So he can think we are all idiots and believe his breathless speeches, but guess what? It's not true. We are not all idiots.

We're number in the following:

#1 worst delays in airports in the world - Pearson

#1 in the lowest rate of acute care beds in all of the first world countries

#1 We racked up the most debt during Covid.

#1 The port of Vancouver is almost the most inefficient in the world

#1 Not following through on the infamous 'climate change' or 'global warming' because we have the most fuel inefficient cars in the world.

#1 Between 2015 and 2019 we were one of the four worst countries attracting foreign investments.

We are very well aware that Justin holds all the cards right now in Ottawa. It is his choice whether he stays on for the next election round or leaves. We can only hope that Canadians will wake up from their long slumber and see what is really running this country.

And that goes for Jagmeet Singh as well. Pathetic choices for leadership rolls.

Then there's Quebec and our genius emperor legault. If his followers keep blindly voting for him, well, they will get what they deserve. Not only that, they will lose their right to complain when there are no doctors, even more emergency rooms close and their loved ones have to go to one of those horrific senior homes.

emperor legault can pretend all he wants and use all his arrogance and huffing and puffing to say it's not true, but it is. This province has a tw0-tiered medical system and it is deceptively simple: If you have money, you get health care. If you don't, you will not get treated for a very long time, no matter what you have.

His base, for the most part, has no money. If they keep voting him in, we don't want to hear one word of complaint.

Don't know about you, but every year we wonder the same thing: Do those who purport to be construction workers, who 'fix' the roads and pipes and sidewalks etc have a plan as to which streets in each neighborhood they are going to fix? Or, as in our case, they just do all the streets at the same time causing insane traffic chaos.

To find out we called 311, the number to report infrastructure issues in your community. As one waits on hold, here's the message you hear: Don't be rude, aggressive or anything of the sort to whoever you are speaking to. Boink! Our radar was activated as they must be getting some pretty nasty calls.

When someone finally answered I said I had one question for her: Is there anyone in the city of Montreal who is responsible making sure that not all streets in one neighborhood are being worked on at the same time?

Guess what she answered? She didn't because she didn't know the answer. I told her I rest my case. The city of Montreal is as incompetent as all the other governments. One person we know lives on a street that is completely closed all day. Which means if you go out you cannot bring your car back in until the workers leave. Grocery bags, babies, elderly people going to appointments? Who gives a rats. Minus brains.

If you believe this next piece you are very gullible. And if it's true, then the US is in very serious trouble.

The White House and Biden - if he is aware that he's even in the White House - continues to distance itself from the Department of Justice’s raid on Trump's mansion in Mar-a-Lago.

It seems that the White House was “not aware” that Attorney General Merrick Garland would be addressing the raid on Thursday and that the administration “learned from the press” about his remarks. Biden learned about a raid on the former president's home from the press?

The most pathetic part of this is that Biden and his minions don't even know how truly ridiculous their denial of knowing anything is.

Get this peeps: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released revised guidance when it comes to COVID-19, loosening several measures. Perhaps the biggest item of the revised guidance is the lifting of advice to quarantine if you’re exposed.

Perhaps someone should call Justin in Costa Rica and tell him that the CDC has dumped all quarantining if you have covid. That makes our ArriveCan stupidity which chooses people to test for covid at random and then makes them quarantine for two weeks is a total farce.

The best line is this one: This CDC guidance acknowledges that the pandemic is not over, but this helps us move to a point where COVID-19 no longer severely disrupts our daily lives.

Wearing masks for endless hours on a plane is one of those useless things we are forced to do because nobody is home in Canada. Justin is in Costa Rica our chief doctor Theresa Tam is just a fool and couldn't find her way out of a closet. Ergo we will continue to be forced to adhere to mandates that do nothing and serve no medical purpose whatsoever.

The bigger issue with this is that when there is a real problem nobody will believe the government.

The liberal party in Quebec is kaput. Done. Finished. Over. Got it? In a riding like Mount Royal where you can run a can of tomatoes as a liberal and they would win, that brainwave leader of the liberal party Anglade can't find a candidate.

Come to think of it Blanche, if the liberals ran a can of tomatoes, it couldn't screw up like David Birnbaum. What a total dufus. Enjoy paying for his pension. Feh.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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