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No, this picture was not taken in gaza. It is Montreal's McGill university taken over by hamas-loving idiots. It is the result of an ineffectual, inept McGill administration afraid or unwilling to take a stand and because Montreal's mayor Madame Plante clearly sides with these fools.

How do we know the latter part of the sentence to be true? Because Plante's commissioner of anti-racism Bochra Manai attended an anti-Semitic rally on October 8 and still has her job.

This is what McGill wants the world to see? This is going to attract serious students from the rest of the world?

Here's a headline for the intelligentsia running McGill: One cannot negotiate with people ignorant of history. One cannot reason with snowflakes who have not the faintest hint of a clue why they are camping out on McGill's front lawn. For a palestinian state? There is no such thing as palestine. For the poor people in gaza? Where are the other arab countries? Why aren't they taking care of their bros?

We would still take a high-powered hose and get rid of them. However, if McGill doesn't want to do that, then the next best thing is to ignore them. Wait it out until mother nature takes its course and winter hits. As snowflakes they will blend in with their surroundings and nobody will even notice them.

While Anthony Housefather is making himself busy questioning university chancellors and presidents about the anti-Semitism on campuses which, in the end they are going to doing nothing about, his confrere Immigration Minister Marc Miller said yesterday that he wants no votes from 'friends of Israel' who equate criticism with anti-Semitism.

Got that? In case you didn't read on:

"I don’t want the vote of someone who thinks legitimate criticism of the Netanyahu government which I share equates to picking on Jews in this country and targeting them. Those people who have that type of thinking, I don’t want their vote.”

Those people? The majority would be Jewish Canadians. Keep reading. He puts his foot much deeper into his mouth.

Yesterday Miller raised the cap of people coming from gaza from 1,000 to 5,000. “We want to get those people out,” said Miller. “We want them to be safe.”

How he can say that with a straight face is beyond the pale. Jews being harrassed all over Canada, students attacked on campuses, tent cities promoting the October 7 atrocities are fine, but he has to keep the poor palestinians safe?

And Blanche, did you ever wonder why are all the Arab countries are refusing to take in any of their palestinian friends? But we digress.

We saved the kicker for last:

Miller initially claimed there was “an extensive vetting system that is done on the ground” to ensure Gazans let into Canada posed no security risk. Miller yesterday acknowledged that was not the case.

In other words, hamas is coming to a theatre near you as you can be 100% certain they integrated themselves into the gazan population.

So while Housefather is very busy with what we already know is happening and nothing is being - nor will be done about it - anti-Semitism on campuses - his own government is letting unvetted terrorists into the country.

We suggest you remember all of this when you vote in the next election. It's way, way past time for a change both in Ottawa and everywhere else, including the staunch liberal riding of Mount Royal. Anthony's a nice guy? And so? Is that stopping the anti-Semitism? No.

Concordia University in Montreal is crying the blues. They said their enrolment will drop by almost 1,200 students and it will get four per cent less in government funding this fall.

What they failed to say is that their Jewish donors have pulled much of their money from Concordia. Why?

We will begin with November 8, 2023: One month after Hamas’ massacre across southern Israel, anti-Zionist protesters approached Jewish students in Concordia and punched several in the face. No one was punished for these offenses.

The university has had the habit of refusing to denounce antisemitism as a stand-alone problem, always being sure to mention Islamophobia as well to insinuate that Jewish students are engaging in hateful behavior themselves.

On March 12, 2024 Jewish students were trapped in the school’s Hillel office while members of the anti-Zionist club supporting palestinian human rights, concealing their faces with keffiyehs and surgical masks, banged on its windows and doors and stomped on the floor of the room above it.

No one was punished or reprimanded.

Here's a headline: If Concordia were run like, oh, the Jewish General Hospital - with an exceptional administration, they would not be in the mess they now find themselves.

Rather, Concordia is run by a incompetent people who call themselves administrators but are clearly in jobs well over their heads.

Here's our suggestion to Graham Carr President and Vice-Chancellor of Concordia University et al: Call on your arab donors to pick up the slack of all the Jewish donors you lost. We're sure they will support you as you support your arab students.

In case you were doubting Justin's stance on what happened to Israel on October 7, there is now no doubt.

In exchange for raping, slaughtering and butchering men, women and children according to Justin Trudeau Netanyahu is not defending Israel - he's a barrier to peace.

According to Justin: Hamas should lay down its arms and release the hostages still in the group’s custody, but it’s also time for Israel to stop its military campaign.

Yup. There's that but again. One cannot fathom the depth of stupidity of Justin. hamas has sworn - publicly - that they will go back into Israel and repeat October 7. They have said publicly that their sole purpose is to murder Jews.

Does Justin think hamas is going to release one hostage because he said so?

Most people know that Justin panders for votes which is why he never - until now - came out and accused Israel of being too aggressive. We are guessing that his polls are showing he's losing the arab vote so he's singing a different tune.

But what about Housefather who made a huge splash a couple of months ago when his party sided with the NDP's motion against Israel and he threatened to leave? That line he couldn't swallow, but this he can?

He had a hissy fit when the ndp demanded an immediate ceasefire and the release of all hostages; suspend trade in military goods and technology with Israel and increase efforts to stop the illegal trade of arms, including to Hamas; ban extremist settlers from Canada, among other actions.

And then his liberal party cheered when this finally passed.

So what Justin did now is ok but the ndp motion, which is very close to the international court's words put you over the edge?

At this point it doesn't matter. You chose to stay with Justin and now will face the consequences. Clearly he is not consulting you on anything to do with Israel or the Jews in Canada. He threw you a bone and you took it. And in doing so, you alienated Jews who actually take a stand and support Israel.

We'll talk...

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