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What Ails the Montreal Canadiens? Honesty.

Blanche does not profess to be a hockey maven. Nor is hockey so important in the grand scheme of things. Given that it does not take a genius to figure out the current problem with the Montreal Canadiens. It is the big elephant in the room that the captain of the Canadiens, Max Pacioretty will not speak about: Their anchor, their rock, their goalie Carey Price ain’t where he’s supposed to be – guarding the net. Instead they have two rookies who are obviously over their head.

When the main cog of the wheel is missing, everything and everyone is off kilter and therefore off their game. When Price is in nets the team is not afraid to take chances and therefore score goals. When two inexperienced goalies are in there and the rest of the team is less than 100% certain that they will be able to stop the puck the team as a whole loses their confidence.

It’s pretty well known that until one’s issues are said out loud, they cannot begin to be solved. Could someone tell Pacioretty to be honest and say what’s really happening? Then the cat will be outta da bag and maybe something will improve.

What were you doing this past Saturday night? Out for dinner? Maybe a movie? Oh wait, it was the last shopping weekend before the holidays. For sure you were not watching the Democratic debate. The Democrats are doing a fine job of hiding Hillary until she absolutely has to be brought forward to wave to her ‘adoring’ public. You think we’re kidding? You know when the next debates are? On a Thursday night when there are no less than two football playoff games.

It gets better. They took a break during the debate Saturday night – a long commercial break. Even presidential candidates have to go to the loo. Well, when they went back to air, Hillary’s place was empty. Seems she either got lost coming back from the terlit or ate something that she shouldn’t have earlier in the evening, if you get the drift. We are not commenting on what Trump said about her terlit activities. Let’s say it’s on the crude side. But we digress.

Her handlers don’t want people watching these debates as the coronation of Madame Hillary must take place flawlessly. We can’t wait until Trump starts directing his one-liners her way. Between Benghazi and her email fiasco, he has much fodder.

Here we go again. It seems that New York and other major cities have received a credible threat days ahead of the holidays and during an especially busy time of the year when tourists flock to the Big Apple. The police department has been told to remain vigilant. Can we talk?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, the threat of a terror attack is nothing new. During the holidays every nutball living this side of Mars is going want their five minutes of fame. And in case no one noticed, the recent slaughters were done on regular days and evenings, when people least expected it.

If you see something say something still stands. Being vigilant still applies. But unless America is prepared to arm everyone, those intent on fomenting terror will wait until the most cowardly time and place, when you least expect it. We pray that does not ever happen.

We have to go back to Hillary for a minute because she just brings out the worst in everyone, mostly herself. Today she announced a slate of proposals to battle Alzheimer’s disease and seek a cure by 2025, including an increase in funding for research on the disease and related disorders.

Clinton called for a decade-long investment of $2 billion per year for research, which her campaign called a fourfold increase over last year’s $586 million. Can we talk? Which pharmaceutical company gave her how much money to do this? We don’t believe for half a second that she gives a hoot about Alzheimer’s unless it is to bring back her memory concerning what happened in Benghazi.

Obama best start packing himself. One of his secret service agents lost his starter pack, complete with a gun, badge, radio, handcuffs and flash drive. It’s a holiday miracle that their president is still alive. Wait a minute. Isn’t Obama in Hawaii? So much for miracles.

Can we talk about the fact that not everyone celebrates December 25? Can we ask why the stations here in Montreal play music all day as if the entire city is tuned into their station? Time to become a tad more cosmopolitan, wake up and realize that aside from places like Boise Idaho and Cheyenne Wyoming, radio stations don’t play only carols.

We would be remiss if we did not give you the pearls of wisdom from Obama this week. During an end-of-year interview (keeping in mind he despises the media), he said the following: he insisted his plan to defeat isis itself was working and suggested saturated media coverage of the group could be fueling terror fears in the United States. Got that?

His plan – which is so top secret that even he doesn’t know what it is, ain’t working. Why? The media is to blame. They are talking way to much about terrorism. Could you not bust from him? Up until about two weeks ago he refused to say the word terrorism, let alone terrorist. And his plan? He doesn’t have a plan and never did. He is over his head and would be very happy to stay in Hawaii until his term is up. Alas, he and Michelle have to come home January 2 to face the music. Hehehehehehe.

Sepp Blatter – now that’s a mouthful, eh? – is up in arms and highly indignant that he has been banned from all soccer activities for eight years. In case you forgot who he is, we’ll remind you: He’s the eighth president of FIFA (the Fédération Internationale de Football Association), an office he entered in June 1998.

The FIFA Ethics Committee ruled that both president Blatter and his UEFA counterpart aka sidekick Platini had broken FIFA Code of Ethics relating to conflicts of interest, breach of loyalty and gifts. Really? Come on. He took bribes? What are you saying?

It appears that a $2 million payment made to Platini in 2011 by world football’s governing body was signed off by Blatter. He can claim innocence till the cows come home. Da party’s over dude.

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