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Clearly, the Quebec government operates under the ostrich system. Bury your head in the ground and your problem goes away. In this case, the coronavirus pandemic has disappeared. Why else would they reduce reports to the public from daily to once a week? Is there nothing in between? Like maybe reports twice or three times a week? Do people not have to know if there has been a spike and where it is? Don’t people need to be reminded that they still need to be vigilant? Does this have something to do with the new Quebec health minister? Do you know who he is? What are his credentials? Here ya go.

Treasury Board President Christian Dubé went from dealing with money to dealing with health no less than right in the middle of this pandemic. Frankly Blanche this decision is just part of of everything that Quebec politicians are famous for – making bad decisions by incompetent people.

It will also help when the inquiry into why a few thousand elderly people died in senior homes. The new minister will be able to say after  the two years it will take for the commission to table a report: a) I came in after the fact and need more time to digest the information or b) he will blame his predecessors and move on.

All of this when Quebec just opened up all bars, restaurants and everything else except concerts, indoor sports games and conventions.

People need to wear masks, keep social distancing and be careful. Otherwise, we will wind up like the United States where the numbers are spiking wildly. Welcome to la belle province where they never, ever fail to drop the ball.

In case you were thinking of going to the United States anytime soon, change your plans. You don’t want to be anywhere near there. From coast to coast, north and south the place is a disaster.

While people were busy fighting for their first right amendment, which prohibits any law limiting freedom with respect to religion, expression, peaceful assembly etc, slowly but surely, thousands of people were getting infected.

Americans don’t like to follow rules. They don’t like to be told what they can or cannot do. So while the Asian and European populations were listening to their governments, Americans were on the beaches, in stores, restaurants and bars and basically giving the middle finger to anyone who tried to tell them how foolish they were.

Alas, the chicken has come home to roost or, if we really want to be corny, the yolks on you. Yes dearies, this virus is insidious. It looks for losers who don’t wear masks, who sit cheek to jowl in a bar, or saddle up to each other on a beach, waiting to share the load of its virus.

And look at that, will you. How accommodating are those Americans, giving the virus every chance they can to keep spreading.

Are those people complete morons? Blanche, that’s not nice.  Don’t lump everyone together. There are some people who are actually listening. For now however, the majority don’t live in Arizona, Florida, South Carolina, California, and Texas. In those places the motto is…come on down.

Careful if you come to Quebec. Oh wait. No one is coming here. Ok then. Careful if you live here. Quebec has led the country in fines for violating distance orders.

Quebec accounted for 77 per cent of the reported fines in the country, with Ontario accounting for 18 per cent and Nova Scotia three per cent. Quebec also issued the costliest fines in the country.

In Quebec, the fines are most often $1,546, compared with $880 in Ontario and $697.50 in Nova Scotia. Quebec collected more than $10 million in fines, which was more than four times what was collected in Ontario. Can you say money-grab? When the going gets tough, the tough find a way to earn money. Such is the case with Meghan and Harry. It appears they have signed up with Harry Walker Agency, which represents the Obamas, the Clintons and a host of American celebrities. How smart are they?

They are now expected to secure lucrative speaking engagements, with the firm’s current clients said to earn six-figure sums for an appearance.

For now and we reiterate, for now, Meghan and Harry are gung-ho to speak about issues close to their heart, including racial justice, gender equality, mental wellness and climate change. The royal family is so far off limits. Wait. When they run out of topics, we’ll see how they start to sing a different tune or, in their case, push another agenda.

Listen Blanche, they need to keep living in the style to which Harry is accustomed and Meghan quickly learned to like. Half a million dollars for an hour of talking about saving the whales and turtles is not bad.

We will mention the polls in the United States only briefly. It seems that Joe Biden is leading Trump in all the polls, everywhere.

While Biden is not the slippery ice-queen that Hillary is, polls, as everyone learned in the last election, can be skewed and very deceiving. It’s too early in the game to push Biden in front with any certainty. Stay tuned.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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