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Of all the negative things that emperor legault is doing regarding the covid pandemic, and there are many, the worst is this: He has succeeded in pitting his own population against each other.  Instead of fighting this war together, he has divided his own people as in – divide and conquer.

Sadly, his version of divide and conquer is to separate and cause anger and division between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, masked and unmasked.

Blanche, did you know that there is no time limit for how long someone can be premier of Quebec?  Figure this out yourself.

Counter this attitude with the following: On Saturday,  a muslim, clearly with mental health issues, stormed a synagogue in Texas and took the rabbi and four others hostage. No doubt everyone read about it.

So what did the Jewish world do? Divide themselves and not support the Jews being held hostage because they are reform Jews and not everyone holds by that form of Judaism? Admonish their fellow Jews for not observing Judaism as they do? Absolutely not.

Jews worldwide  prayed for a good outcome. And when they were released,  thankfulness to G-d came from every corner of Judaism.

When you hear that a worker in the SAQ punched a customer in the head over a mask issue, you know that the emperor is succeeding in dividing his population. This is an existential question about how to deal with dictators. Cower in fear or stand up to them?

The question is what do we, as individuals do about it? Allow the emperor to continue this way or fight back? Our answer is that if you are fearful of going out because you don’t know who is vaccinated or not, then choose to shop at a time when  there are the fewest people in a store. Do not listen to the emperor and be afraid to leave your home.

If you ascribe to wearing masks and you see someone who is not, keep your mouth shut.Do not, as the emperor wants, admonish them.  You are protected, that person is not, you were not nominated as the mask police,  so it’s their problem not yours.

And the final note about this: As long as emperor legault is given the opportunity, he will keep creating a new crisis to a) keep the emergency measures act in place and b) have as complete control over his subjects as he possibly can. And as long as everyone adheres to his false crises – he will continue to make them up as he goes along.

Lest you think we are kidding chew on this: When he found out the curfew was not good for his popularity poll, he quickly switched to the newest issue: the unvaccinated were getting hammered by the public. His pollsters seized the moment and presto! a vax-tax. Sickening.

And then there’s Australia, who for the past almost 3 years had the strictest rules in place of any democratic country. Guess what? It helped like toite bunkas – dead bedbugs to literally translate. Today their numbers went through the roof – 67,000 new infections were reported in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania, down from a national high – get this – of 150,000 last Thursday.

They certainly can’t blame Djokovic for this as they booted him out two days ago. These draconian measures Every country will go through this lastest variant no matter what they do.

The Montreal Canadiens hired a new general manager. His name is Kent Huges. Interesting, eh? Sounds like he has two last names. But we digress. The geniuses in the french media in Quebec were bemoaning the fact that his name is not Pierre Poutine – a nice joyal, french-canadian name. He has an English name? Moudis-anglais.

He’s about to face the french media tomorrow. Lucky for him he can speak french. Never mind that he’s the right man for the job – which is to get the Canadiens out of the sewer in the standings. Hardly in the equation.

Then there’s the young girl who could not pass the french exam for nursing. She’s English and the french exam is translated into English. The problem is the people doing the translating come from the Beauce or the Gaspesie or Cap-de-la-Madeleine where the only English words they hear are le weekend. In other words, the translation makes no sense.

She failed three times by one mark. She can’t practice nursing here so guess where she will be going? Ontario or another province that will be very happy to take her.

If you want the definition of insanity, this is it. The emperor claims we are short 10,000 or 20,000 nurses and other medical professionals here. So buddy – get off your french fantasy horse and smell the roses. The word is out – don’t even try to come here if you are not fully, 100% bilingual.

We’ll talk…

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