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Eric Adams, New York city’s new mayor, gets it. He understands that keeping kids home from school is very bad for the mental health of the children and their parents. He understands that not everyone has access to computers and cannot do zoom classes. He understands that some parents actually work to survive and with their kids home, can’t go to work.

He also understands that many teachers are out with either covid or the flu. So he said that he’s calling up retired teachers, secretaries in schools, librarians – anyone who can man a class for a few days to keep the kids in school.

Here? Close the schools. Impose a curfew. Close the restaurants and gyms. Nobody allowed in your house. 

Our question is this: When will Quebecers wake up and finally do what they should have done long ago – quiet, civil disobedience?

You don’t have to announce what you are doing. Just do it. There are schools in Montreal who have refused to close. They know what it did to the children the last time and will not do a repeat performance because Papa Legault decided punkt it is now the children who are the big issue.

Here’s a question to ask: Why hasn’t the government put in hepa filters in every classroom? They had two years to do so and did nothing. Instead they sat on their hands like imbeciles.

When is the restaurant association going to say enough? They have over 1000 members. What would happen if they all opened? There are not enough police to go to every place.

In the US these draconian asinine edicts are not imposed because – get this – nobody would listen. They actually live in a free society. Here? People are obedient, sleepy sheep.

Chances are very high that Papa Legault is going to extend these measures. If you, as individuals don’t start standing up for your own rights, no one else will.

We suggest you pass this blog to people who are afraid of their own shadow and tell them to read the data in South Africa and England and everywhere else omicron hit. It sweeps in and sweeps out – with or without curfews and other ludicrous edicts.

And one more thing: What’s up with Dube’s voice? Does he have polyps? Is he so tired that he can’t talk? Is he sick? Maybe he should call Dr. Gaeten Barette to check him out. Hehehehehe.

And then there are the yahoos who flew a Sunwing Airlines charter flight dancing in the aisles, vaping, using the public address system and posing for selfies with a bottle of vodka. Things became so impossible that the flight crew gave up and let them do whatever they wanted.

So peeps, guess where they were all from? Come on. One guess. La Belle Province aka the ‘nation’ of Quebec.  Seems they are very important ‘influencers’.

Clearly their collective intelligence level is that of a gnat. It doesn’t bode well for them when the Prime Minister, Federal Public Safety Minister and the Minister of Transport publicly all weigh in on their behavior and they make international news. We heard this morning that some of them found a way home but upon arrival in Canada were immediately taken in by the border dudes.

Did they not realize that the airline has their passport and perforce all other personal information? As of this writing, about 30 of them have tested positive for covid,  sent to a 3 star Mexican ‘hotel’ miles from Cancun… at their own expense and are crying bitterly. Did they not, for half a second, figure out that there would be consequences for their infantile behavior?

For some of them, getting home is going to be quite the ordeal as Sunwing cancelled their return flight and Air Canada and Transat won’t fly them home. We hope they can swim.

We have to admit that we underestimated how dense Kamala Harris is. By a long shot. Literally as people were stranded for almost 27 hours on the I95 between Virginia and Washington due to a massive snowstorm, obviously with no loo in sight, this brainwave tweets the following:

“Because of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, America is moving again. That’s what infrastructure is all about: getting people moving.” Ouch. Someone who was stuck on the highway tweeted back “Well, except for I-95 in VA.”

To add insult to injury, yet another of her key staffers has left, citing her as a “bully” who dishes out “soul-destroying criticism.” We lost count as to how many staffers have left her, all saying the same thing. She’s impossible to work for. Move over Julie Payette.

Today is the first anniversary of the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. Donald Trump wisely decided not to hold a press conference, mostly because he found out most media outlets would not be carrying it.

What happened to the people front and center of that riot:

QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley, the face of the riot with his fur hat, bare red-painted chest and horns, deeply regrets taking part. No kidding. Guess where he is? In November, he was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his involvement, in addition to 36 months of supervised release. In court, Chansley said he now believes it was “wrong” to enter the Capitol.

Adam Johnson, was famously pictured carrying a podium bearing the seal of the Speaker of the House. In November, he pleaded guilty to entering and remaining in a restricted building and now faces up to six months in prison and up to $9,500 in fines. The other charges were dropped by prosecutors in exchange for his guilty plea.

Richard Barnett, was pictured sitting with one boot on a desk in the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This yahoo is currently being held in a Washington DC jail awaiting trial and is scheduled to appear before a judge on 1 February. He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Those dudes are the low-hanging fruit. Now, what happened to Trump, Sean Hannity, the Trump kids, the trust-fund babies and all other special people who were behind this riot? Not much. In fact, nothing.

Quebec’s health minister, Dube is bemoaning the fact that so many health professionals are sick. Now he’s upset? He knew 2 years ago there were not enough people to man the system. He was supposed to find people all over the world. The government made a big announcement that they were looking to bring health care workers from everywhere here. Why didn’t that happen?

Let’s look in the crystal ball…what do we see? Why they couldn’t speak French. Alas, that is much more important than manning the health care system.

In case you think that the rest of the world isn’t watching what’s going on here, think again:

NY Post Headline: Quebec dog owners howl over COVID-19 curfew rules, ministry backtracks. The tag line: A previous version of the curfew rules allowed residents to help their pets take care of business in the overnight hours, provided they remained within 3,280 feet of their home.

Bloomberg Headline: Quebec Resorts to Curfew Again to Slow Covid Hospitalizations Tag line with a picture of people freezing outside: Residents wait in line outside a Covid-19 testing center in Montreal, Quebec, And our personal favorite from the BBC:

The headline: Husband on leash breached Quebec’s Covid curfew Tag line: Residents of Quebec are allowed to walk their dogs after curfew, but not their husbands. Bada bing, bada boom. Your tax dollars at work.

One more thing about that Sunwing flight of entitled people: The organizer of the Sunwing flight to Mexico says the group’s return flight was cancelled based on ‘presumptions’.

Nothing to say except that we pray these young people are not indicative of the next generation.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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