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Where Fools Rush In and Need to Get a Life

We watched Ginette Reno belt out the national anthem on Tuesday night before the Habs game. So did some dude who happens to be a councilor in a suburb of Montreal. When we tell you that Reno sang her heart out, we are not kidding. Unfortunately, Mr. Gloutnay (what a name, eh?) did not feel the same way. He stupidly put out a message on facebook (thinking it was private – only to his ‘friends’) bemoaning the fact that Americans are subjected to ‘watching this fatty who can’t sing’.

First of all, the fact that he didn’t know that his post was public makes him a fool. Second of all, calling people ‘fatty’ on social media that is read and then forwarded to thousands of people makes him not only a fool and but a bully.

One thing we have learned from doing this blog: Getting elected to a public office has nothing to do with brains. A monkey can get elected in some ridings. It’s what you do once you’re there that counts. Mr. Gloutnay is the poster boy for loser, dim-witted politicians. He should leave and then enroll a course in social media followed by a few months of therapy in why bullying just shows that the bully has low self-esteem. He needs to get a life. Ich.

Didn’t you think that when Marois left we would be spared the idiocy of the office de la langue francais? Fuggedaboutit. The Quebec government, aka Couillard and the liberals, are appealing a recent court ruling that major retailers don’t have to translate their trademarked English names into French.

The companies involved are Best Buy, Costco, Gap, Old Navy, Guess, Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us and Curves. All we can say about this is – IT’S ENOUGH ALREADY! Find something else to spend our money on. In case you didn’t know, and most likely you didn’t, the White house was locked down for the second time in three days because of breach of security. Today two people threw things over the north and south side of a fence at the same time. May we humbly make a suggestion? Michelle Obama has had a lot of time to work out and is obviously ripped – meaning she has very strong arms as she’s always going sleeveless. Maybe she should be head of security. She’s tall and can see over fences, fast because she works out so much and vewy vewy strong. Hehehehehehehehe.

Where in the world is Rob Ford? In rehab? Uh, no one is sure. It seems that when one is in rehab, their cellphone is taken away from them, to be used at very specific times. Makes sense.

Well, it appears that Rob Ford has either full access to his cellphone or he’s monopolizing the phone wherever he is. Mr. Ford has been calling a Toronto Sun columnist, his bro and it seems other people at will. Of course his brother Doug says he’s in rehab, but his brother Doug has, shall we say, not always been exactly exact when it comes to Rob.

Stay tuned to this one. If Ford never went to rehab someone will find out and although he seems to be able to squirm out of every crisis so far, this one may just be too much for his fan club to handle.

Good luck to Les Habs tonight! And stay off the streets if they win, if you get the dwift:)

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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