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Who’s That Monkey Living in the Zoo?

No shortage of elections, eh Blanche? In Alberta, the Conservative party was all but obliterated by the NDP. The pundits are saying that “the NDP’s historic breakthrough in Alberta isn’t quite on the same seismic scale as the Parti Québécois’s first victory in Quebec.” While that may be true, it’s still a huge smack in the face for Ottawa.

There was an election in Great Britain today. The exit polls show that the Conservative party, led by David Cameron, with many more seats than the pundits had predicted. Blanche however, will not comment on this as we don’t want to look like an armchair politician tonight and an idiot tomorrow. So we’ll wait and see, like everyone else, how this plays out.

A woman who went to an Ontario hospital for a shot of cortisone, which takes about 30 seconds to administer, waited an hour and a half for her 30 second appointment. The shot was supposed to be free. A few weeks later, she received an invoice for $25 for the shot. She was so incensed she sent the hospital an invoice for $122 which is what she lost for the hour and half she had to wait.

What really sent her over the edge was that she found out those administering the shots went for lunch all at the same time. Can we talk? Imagine if this were a private business, oh say like a shoe store, and at noon everyone buzzes out at the same time?

In her letter of complaint, she told the hospital that they have totally lost sight basic customer service and she’s 100% right. Blanche, some people are very nice but need to learn some basic hygiene. In today’s local paper there was a wonderful article about salad in a jar. A mother and daughter have teamed up and sell the salads all over the place. However, the picture in the article showed the young girl dipping her ungloved hand into veggies and dropping them into the jar. We checked out the video and lo and behold same thing. Could someone please ring them up and tell them to invest in some vinyl gloves? Fech.

Who is Pamela Geller and why did she make an event called the Draw Mohammed competition? She knew full well that she would incur the wrath of fundamentalists, terrorists and any other hothead out there in television land.

She has been banned from travel to the United Kingdom and her organization has been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. Even the Donald (Trump) doesn’t like her: “All she is doing is provoking and taunting people and this country has enough problems right now.”

What was the point of her escapade? Simple. To garner personal attention, which she did. Case closed over and out. She’s not worth writing about again.

A Japanese zoo has apologized for naming a newborn baby monkey Charlotte after the new princess. Get a life dudes. The royals don’t have the market on that name.

Best look up tomorrow. Seems an out-of-control Russian spacecraft is expected to burn up when it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere on Friday.

The spacecraft’s progress is being closely monitored as some small pieces may land somewhere on the Earth’s surface. Uh oh.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk

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