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Will We Sing It Monday Night? Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey goodbye

Did anyone see princess pauline marching the with students today? No? Wait. Maybe she forgot her red square and had to run home to get it. Could be it was in a drawer somewhere. Keep looking at the pictures. Maybe she’ll show up in one of them.

One thing we will not miss next week at this time: those shifty, beady eyes of hers. And what’s with the glasses all of a sudden? Hopefully on Tuesday morning princess pauline and all her missives will be old, bad news, all looking for jobs. The polls look like things are going our way, but it ain’t over till it’s over.

We are certain that everyone who reads the Blanche report will go out and vote.  Make sure everyone you know gets out there. We will be sending out a special Blanche on Monday night. As we are only able to program things by the hour it will probably be not till 10:00 pm.

Be happy you don’t live in Minnesota. For more than one reason. But this weekend it’s because they are getting about 16 inches of snow. Special, eh? Ever travel through the Ville Marie tunnel and notice dripping from the ceiling? Ever think – what if something’s loose and falls on my car? Well, something was loose. A piece of ice fell from the ceiling onto someone’s car. But don’t worry. Transport Quebec said they de-ice the ceiling daily and maybe because the temperature was hovering around freezing a piece got loose. Now don’t you feel better?

Why is ice forming inside the ceiling altogether? Most likely because the ceiling was constructed at the time when people were standing in line for little envelopes. Maybe the worker who was supposed to get his envelope didn’t get it, got mad and left, um, let’s say a hole in the ceiling?

Have you been on a plane lately? Did you notice how many people do not check their luggage? Did you also notice how big their ‘little’ carry-ons are? They manage to squish their entire life into that little suitcase to save the baggage fees now charged by the airlines. Well, things are about to change Blanche.

What happens with all these cheapos is that when you go to board a plane it takes forever. That 85 year-old grandmother can’t seem to heave her bag into the overhead bin. So she turns to the guy standing behind her and asks him to help. By this time, there’s no more room for her bag in the bin near her seat so he has to walk further up to another bin. You can figure out the rest. When it comes to de-boarding, she has to wait again for someone to get her bag.

This is all coming to an end. Even though US air made $3 billion – yes billion with a b, on checked baggage, these losers will have to fork it over anyway. Dats da new law, la.

Yet another shooting in Fort Hood in the United States. It’s pretty clear that the gunman had serious mental issues. It’s also pretty clear that he should have been followed more closely. But the most glaring thing is how easy it was for him to purchase a semi-automatic gun. The ones that shoot 100 rounds in a minute.

While it is true that people kill people, it is also true that if people with serious mental issues could not buy guns, less people would be dying in this way. Doesn’t matter what we think though. The NRA is one of, if not the strongest lobby in Washington. They get what they want – and what they don’t want. And they don’t want gun control.

We must end with one more little ditty about the princess. We won’t yet say the PQ ran the most inept campaign till after the election. We will only say that you can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. She thinks she fooled some of the people by pretending that she’s not going to hold a referendum until ‘the time is right’.

By dangling that threat, openly stated by Peladeau a few weeks ago over the heads of her fellow Quebecers, she either misread the public or is totally out of touch with her own people. Except for the old hardliners, people just want to be left alone to earn a living, put food on their table and a roof over their heads. G-d willing things will go our way on Monday night. A little prayer here and there couldn’t hurt.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk on Monday night…

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