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Yes Dearies, Those Two Pictures are the Same Person: Kellyanne Conway. The after and before. Yikes.

Not that we’re gloating, but we’re gloating about the fact that Canada did not get a seat on the UN Security Council. Seriously?  We needed that seat like last year’s snow. We were wondering exactly what Justin was thinking when he went after that illusion which has no veto. He was busy pandering to Arabs and African dictatorships while at the same time throwing Israel under the bus. Did he think people forgot about who he really is? Or that Canada gives very little money and troops to the UN?

Let’s see…remember that Mr. Dressup India trip a while back? Or when he didn’t show up for a meeting at a G7 conference and when he made his grand entrance he was very impressed with this socks. Or the piece de resistance – his black face which was done more times than he can remember. How convenient that no one is bringing this up now during the whole black lives matter geffufelment.

It turns out that this is not the first time we have tried to get on the security council but this time we got the least votes. Not only that, many people thought that we would have tied with Ireland on the first round, but alas, such was not the case.

The amount of $2 million has been bandied about as to how much was spent trying to secure this seat. If you believe that, we have land for you somewhere. That $2 million is pocket change and we will most likely never know how much of your tax dollars went to this pipe dream.

OMG. Blanche, did you see Kellyanne Conway recently? She is almost unrecognisable and looks like a very stiff Barbie doll. She did something to her face and absolutely nothing moves when she talks. Nothing.

It is the most bizarre makeover we have ever seen. When she talks it’s like there’s a ventriloquist behind her. And to do this she spent how many thousands of dollars? Yikes.

Planning on flying anytime soon? Well, the airlines are using covid-19 to streamline their already cheap service.

Next time you fly bring your own food and your own alcohol. Yup. No drinks on board except for bottled water. Unless of course you are flying business class or very long haul flights. Then you can get a bottle of scotch or vodka.

Some airlines have nixed coffee, tea and any other beverages. Of late, flying has become the worst part of any trip. Now? Watch out. It’s going to be almost impossible and you will probably pay a covid service charge for that non-service.

So remember when we told you in the last report, kind of tongue in cheek that social workers will be sent instead of police to 911 calls? Well, it has come to pass. The mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico, announced that some 911 calls would be addressed not by police, but rather unarmed social workers, as he said he would create a new department to address such situations.

Wait, there’s more: On Tuesday, six of the 15 members of the Los Angeles City Council signed a motion that would suggest using unarmed social workers instead of police to respond to nonviolent calls for service.

Here’s our prediction: the first social worker to be shot by a nutcase holding his family hostage along with the rest of the family will be the last one to be shot. This could be one of the worst ideas the liberal left, save-the-trees-whales-turtles-doves have come up with in a very long time.

Blanche, this is the result of George Floyd being shot? Unarmed social workers responding to intense, unpredictable domestic violence situations? There are no words.

Not sure if you remember in March when people traveling from New York to Florida were not being served nor welcomed due to the coronavirus. Well, the tables have turned and now Gov Cuomo is turning the tables and considering forcing Floridians traveling to NY to quarantine for 2 weeks. There ya go.

So Blanche, are you going to download the Canadian tracing app? The technology works by having people who test positive upload their results anonymously to the app, called COVID Alert, using a temporary code given to them by a health care provider. Other users who have the app and who have been near someone who has tested positive will then be alerted that they’ve been exposed and a notification will encourage them to reach out to their local public health authorities.

The only thing we are questioning is how it can be anonymous. If the app is tracking your phone directly, it can eventually find out it is your phone.

Aside from that, we are in. We have nothing to hide. If the app wants to track us to IGA, the pharmacy and fish store, enjoy the ride. I would be very happy to find out that while I was in line at the fish store (with my mask and gloves), someone in there tested positive. There is no downside and frankly, that’s how many countries, including Israel, stopped the virus.

We are not trying to a be a Debbie downer, but we are trying to be practical. Do not let your guard down vis-a-vis this virus. It is not over yet by a long shot.

A Republican sheriff in Arizona who said he would not enforce the state’s emergency coronavirus orders has come down with COVID-19 most likely from attending a campaign event.

He found out when he was called to meet with President Trump at the White House and was screened for the virus.

Stay away from crowds unless you are planning to wear a mask and social distance. Just because things are opening up does not mean that the virus is over nor does it mean that where you are going is safe. There are still many asymptomatic people spreading the virus and people who have it but are not showing symptoms.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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