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Papa Legault telling les Anglais in Quebec that they are the best served minority in Canada is dripping with ‘do you know who I am?’. He lectured the ‘historic’ English community on how very lucky we are to a) be allowed to live here and b) to be happy that we have any English at all.

Then there’s the phrase ‘you people’, which was inferred but not said outright.’You people’ should be very happy with what you have.

Both Justin and Erin O’Toole bent over backwards not to say anything about Legault during the election campaign, allowing him to use the notwithstanding clause in pushing Bill 96 through. Both federal leaders are weak, sniveling cowards, focused on one thing: saving their behinds.

Here’s our suggestion: Ban all francophones from using any English institutions and that includes the Jewish General hospital. Especially for the ‘entitled’ French Canadians who run there when they are sick because they know very well that the best doctors in this city are the Jewish ones, most of whom are Anglos. Find your own french canadian doctors. Les Anglos will be fine with our English hospitals.

And if we have to rely on Dominque Anglade as head of the provincial liberal party to save us, we are in seriously deep dog doodoo. She may speak well but has less than a zero chance of getting elected in this racist province.

The Montreal Canadiens seem to be in a free fall and it’s not only because they have lost all 5 of their first 5 games. No, Blanche, a genius in a boardroom somewhere in the Bell Center bought the woke culture bs, hook, line and sinker.

Said person thought that it would be a brilliant idea to announce – publicly – before every home game, that the Canadiens apologize and acknowledge to the Mohawks their hospitality on what it refers to as “traditional and unceded territory.”

In other words, the land that the Bell Center is built on seemingly belongs to the Mohawks. However, it appears that there is a dispute as to whether this in indeed a fact. But we digress.

We want to know who dreams up these things. Clearly someone who did not think this through. Even if the land did belong to the Mohawks, then what? Tear down the whole building and put up a teepee? Or maybe give all their money to the Mohawks?

There are not enough words to describe the idiocy of what the Canadiens have done. In case there were a couple of Montrealers who thought that there was one person left in the Canadien organization with half a brain, that is now off the table. Here’s a headline: Figure out how to play hockey like the professionals you are paid to be and stay out of politics.

Every year there’s something that dominates the news. Last year it was the pandemic, the year before Trump. This year it looks like it will be the supply-chain crisis, which will be felt worldwide.

Biden is not able to control things there because this is largely a private sector issue. You are going to watch prices rise for these reasons:

…It now costs as much as $25,000 to import a 40-foot container from Asia, up from less than $2,000 two years ago.

…While the major US ports are now open 24 hours a day, there are not enough truck drivers and warehouses.

…Port truck drivers are largely independent and do not get paid for sitting and waiting for their trucks to be loaded with containers, ergo they are not looking to increase their port workloads.

…There is a shortage of workers to unload the containers and then to place them in a warehouse or on a truck.

All of this is going to come into your house sooner than later. We spoke to someone who said it is becoming increasingly difficult to get anyone to work in his fruit store. People want $18-$20 per hour which he cannot afford. He warned us that this winter we will see insane price increases in fruits and vegetables which means people will be buying less, ergo he will have less money to pay his workers.

To add to the fact that people don’t want to work, Justin announced today that he will be stopping the current wage subsidy and replacing it with $300 per week for those who ‘qualify’.

Here’s what’s going to happen: Many will take the $300 then work for cash to supplement their income. Therefore, getting workers is still going to be an issue as Justin extended this giveaway until May 7, retroactive from last Sunday.

Who exactly is paying for all of this? You, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Never mind the $95 billion they have already spent. This new initiative is going to cost $7.5 billion or that’s what they are telling us.

Trump had a rally recently and one could feel the networks salivating. Even if he doesn’t run in the next election, their ratings go up the second they start talking about him. And how happy are they? Just saying.

Ever wonder how Facebook whistle-blower Frances Haugen is paying for her legal fees? Wonder no more.

His name is Pierre Omidyar and he’s the tech billionaire founder of eBay. Omidyar’s global philanthropic organization Luminate is handling Haugen’s press and government relations in Europe, and his foundation last year gave $150,000 to Whistleblower Aid, the nonprofit organization that is providing Haugen’s legal representation and advice.

Just thought you should have this information in your back pocket. Ya never know when it will come in handy. Going back to the worker shortage, a restaurant in Vancouver posted an ad for a dishwasher. They are willing to pay $50,000 per year. Woah.

Someone else posted that as an architect, his first job paid well less than that, not that long ago. He found the ad and whole situation depressing. Exactly.

Yet another woke bs suggestion out of Miami:  Adopt a homeless person. Yes. Take a homeless person into your house to alleviate the problem. Can’t wait to see who bites for that one. Our guess is that it will fall under the nimby category – not-in-my-back-yard.

We are addressing the notion that Sue Montgomery put forward that CDN and NDG  be separated into two ridings. This is a no-brainer. Of course she’s going to say that – she never set foot anywhere near CDN. To her, that borough is a foreign country with foreigners. Immigrants.

For her, there are simply way to humanity there. The people there, especially the Jewish people as she said directly to us, clearly proliferate to much for her liking. In fact, it is the most densely populated borough in Montreal. Way too much pollution – both human and otherwise.

If she gets voted back as mayor of that borough, everyone gets what they deserve.

Is it us or does Chrystia Freeland sound like she inhaled helium when she speaks? Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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