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Your Passport Please

While people stand, sit and sleep in endless passport lines for days to obtain a passport a la Russian bread lines, Justin has gone to Rwanda to save the world. His open, arrogant disdain for Canadians is spectacularly jaw-dropping. Peeps – nobody’s home in Ottawa.

Justin checked out of his job as leader of Canada long ago. His leadership has become one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the Canadian people. His interest in being prime minister extends only to people who fawn over him, which is why he went on a ‘world tour’. He is the ultimate con-artist.

Regarding the passport issue, we thought about a temporary solution. Perhaps someone reading this can pass it along to Justin or Omar or Chrystia or…never mind. Pass it along to someone who might actually care and take action.

We heard that of the hundreds of thousands of people waiting for passports, only 15% are for renewal. That’s a load of you-know-what. Think about it for a minute. 85% of people waiting in line for passports never had a Canadian passport? Come on. We weren’t born yesterday.

Here’s a suggestion: For those who do have a passport that is expired, give them a receipt for the new one they apply for, which will come when it comes, give them back the old one and tell the federal agencies – airports and land borders and alert other countries who may ask for our passport, to allow people to use their old passports until the new one arrives. They were already cleared for a passport. That takes the pressure off everyone. How easy is that?


And speaking about incompetency, closing emergency rooms for the summer in Quebec is beyond the pale. More than a million people in Quebec have no family doctor. The ER has become their family doctor as they truly have nowhere else to go. Now he’s closing that door as well?

To add insult to injury, he’s shutting ER’s in remote areas where the nearest doctor or hospital ER is far enough away that someone who, let’s say had a heart attack, will die en route.

It boggles the mind, it is inconceivable to a normal thinking person not to see that focusing on non-existent language issues is the perfect deflection away from the fact that Quebec’s medical system is almost no better than that of a third world country in Africa. Especially if you live in the remote areas he considers his ‘base’.

Instead of dealing with literally life and death issues, emperor legault is stomping his little feet and won’t give you a death or birth certificate in English. He will go to any length to take the focus away from anything that will hurt him in the polls until the election.

Perhaps when his own base dies because he closed the emergency rooms in Fortierville en Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec or Abitibi-Témiscamingue, will they realize what a power-hungry dictator emperor legault really is.


A final note about the passport situation: We were listening to Evan Solomon today and gleaned this information from his interview with the head of the union of passport workers. Read it and weep:

a) While the government said they were adding 600 bureaucrats to help out at the passport offices, what they neglected to tell us was that the training time is 12 weeks. Do the math.

b) Workers in passport offices are getting seriously harassed and facing threats. People who have zero patience left because they waited days in line are taking pictures of the bureaucrats and posting them on social media, we are guessing with nasty comments. The union head said that if working conditions do not improve, plus if the government does not give them proper security, they are walking out.

c) If you are not traveling until the fall, you are advised not to go to a passport office now. In fact, if you are not traveling in the next 12 hours, stay home. How idiotic is that? Like you’re going to get your passport in 12 hours. Not.

The union leader said that things are going to get worse before they get better. Doesn’t our simple solution sound better and better?


Today, the Supreme Court struck down New York’s century-old law restricting the carrying of concealed firearms, its first major Second Amendment decision in more than a decade.

Judge Clarence Thomas said that the law’s requirement of New Yorkers who want a permit to carry a handgun in public to show “proper cause” that the weapon is ​specifically needed for self-defence “violates the Fourteenth Amendment by preventing law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defence needs from exercising their right to keep and bear arms in public.

To call a spade a spade, many people attending services in synagogues on Shabbat and holidays carry guns. Not openly, but they are within quick reach. Now it appears they can carry said gun openly.

While we are still completely against anyone owning an AR semi-automatic rifle, we see no problem with people carrying guns in a houses of worship. In Quebec it is illegal for a security guard (or anyone except police) to carry a gun. Which means if G-d forbid there was an attack on a synagogue, instead of being able to protect worshippers, the security guard would be the first one shot.


Of all the airports in and around New York – La Guardia, JFK and Newark, the latter is the worst. We’re giving you a heads-up – United Airlines will cut about 50 daily flights from Newark next month in an effort to reduce delays.

The cuts amount to about 12% of United’s schedule at its New Jersey hub and apply solely to domestic flights, starting July 1. Delta, JetBlue, Spirit, Southwest and Alaska Airlines are among the carriers that have also trimmed their schedules this year. Forewarned is forearmed.

Putin must be pretty ticked off today. The European Union has approved the application of Ukraine to become a candidate country for admission to the 27-strong bloc. One of the reasons Putin invaded Ukraine was because he didn’t want them to be part of the EU. Well, that was a fail.

Make no mistake. The war rages on and will do so until Putin either drops or quits. It is very clear that if Ukraine won’t submit to him, he will try to destroy every square inch of the country.

Tomorrow, June 24 is the first anniversary of the tragic collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside Florida. 98 souls perished.

Attorneys Rachel Furst and Harley Tropin were the co-chairs of the team of plaintiffs’ attorneys that reached a $1.02 billion settlement in the class-action lawsuit after the Surfside building collapse.

For their work to secure the settlement, they are among the more than 130 attorneys who worked more than 34,000 hours and requested about $100 million in fees and costs.

We will remind you that the building collapsed on June 24 and the last body was recovered on July 20, 17 days after the collapse. May they all Rest In Peace.

Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…

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