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7,000 People Are Parked on a Cruise Ship in the Ocean Waiting to See if a Couple has the Coronavirus

Madame Her Honor, Her Excellence, Her Greatness, Her Supremacy the Mayor of Montreal Valerie Plante has quite the inflated sense of self. So inflated in fact, that she thinks her minions will be able to come up with a better definition of anti-Semitism than the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. Seriously? Here’s a headline for Ms. Plante: You don’t have the faintest hint of a hint of a clue what it means to be a Jew, let alone write a definition about the Holocaust that decimated 6 million of our people. Nada. Nothing. Zip.

Why, pray tell, did she not use one that the IHRA wrote?

Our take is that she will muddle through this for about six months and then quietly, perhaps very late on a Friday afternoon, say that she will use the IHRA definition, hoping people won’t see what a smug, self-centered person she is and what a colossal mistake she made.

We hope we are not going to upset your very delicate sensibilities with this piece. Frankly, it should not come as a shock to anyone. We speak of Greta Thunberg who is trademarking her name.

Unfortunately, said her handlers, this had to be done to protect her name from others using it. Puleeesse. While that may indeed have a microscopic tinge of truth to it, don’t try to dumb-down this move. Whoever is running Ms. Thunberg’s young life sees dollar signs down the road.

Seems the Coronavirus has taken on a life of its own and quarantining people took on a whole new level today. It also became a global emergency. 

The Costa Smeralda is a cruise ship with about 7,000 people on board. That’s more people than live in our suburb. At least two people who are on board that ship and hail from Macao, near China, are sick with what medical officials think is this nasty virus.

Until the medical team on board receives the results of this couple’s tests, the ship is parked in the ocean, 40 miles from Rome.

Blanche, we don’t have draw you a picture of what’s happening aboard that ship, do we? Just feeding 7,000 people, 3 times a day boggles the mind. That’s 21,000 meals at the very least. We are not going near the bathroom issues and other special things that happen when so many people are trapped in such tight quarters.

If the couple tests positive, those on board are in gehakte tzouris – big trouble. They will be on board indefinitely as all the passengers will need to be checked to make sure they are not carriers of the virus. See the USA in your Chevrolet looks like the vacation to take these days.

Here’s where we’re holding in the Trump impeachment trial. Tomorrow, Friday, Senators vote on whether to call witnesses in Trump’s trial. If Democrats find four Republicans to vote for witnesses, they will tip the vote and the trial could stretch until March. If they fail, Trump likely would be quickly acquitted.

The four potential republicans who could vote with the Democrats to call witnesses are: Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lamar Alexander.

You can bet your bippy that Sanders, Warren and Klobuchar want this trial over so they can get back to campaigning. They will be apoplectic if witnesses have to be called.

Another reason the dems want witnesses is because next week is the State of Union address by Trump and if he is acquitted his speech will be one big gloat and they know it.

The kicker is even if witnesses are called, Trump will not have to leave office as the Republicans control the Senate. So, in a nutshell, this is one massive waste of time and money.

One of the reasons people look at the roster of those running for the Democrat presidential nomination as bizarre is because one of the most bizarre people in recent memory is running. We direct your attention to Elizabeth Warren, aka Pochantas. Her quotes just get more weird by the day.

At a stop in Iowa on Sunday, she told the crowd that, when she selects her cabinet, she’ll only consider candidates for the Secretary of Education who have taught in public schools, and the final candidate will only take office after passing an interview with a “young trans person.” Got that dearies?

There are simply no words for this other than this woman is seriously a strange bird. Tweet. Tweet.

No matter how hard Justin Trudeau tries to hide, even behind his beard, he will be found due to the constant ineptness of his government showing up in the media.

The latest gaff: The liberal party’s massive waste of your money. One thing they are very good at, starting at the top and moving down, is spending OPM – other people’s money.

Blanche, did you know that in the last election, some brainwave in Justin’s entourage decided that they needed to use influencers? It appears though, that said influencers were not vetted and had been busy in their past doing things that were did not shine a good light on the liberal party.

That little fiasco cost you $450,000.

They spent $59,000 on a new Destination Canada logo. On the last G20 trip to Japan, 57 bottles of wine were consumed on the plane, along with $95,000 worth of food.

To save money, our guess is that Justin will claw back his promise of free canoe trips this coming summer.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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