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We said we would not blog unless there was something untoward about the debate. Frankly and sadly, it was simply an embarrassment, a word we never thought we would be using tonight. We kept thinking of people all over the world watching and what they must be thinking about the United States.

By far the worst moment for any person of color, for Jews and other ethnic minorities is when Trump refused to call out white supremacist groups. They were basically given a green light tonight and are rejoicing on social media.

The other very scary moment was what was not said by Trump  when he refused to acknowledge that if there is an issue with the election, he will tell his supporters to stay calm. He simply refused to say that, again giving extremists the ok to do whatever they want.

We were most disappointed in Chris Wallace the moderator. He’s a seasoned, excellent, intelligent and thought-provoking reporter and commentator and he completely dropped the ball tonight. He could not control Trump whatsoever and Trump smelled it from the get-go.

Wallace should have known and been prepared for Trump’s unceasing verbiage and either cut his microphone or end the debate. There were rules that were agreed to and Trump ignored them.

And finally, we are also disappointed in Fox News. Are they afraid to say the truth? That this debate was insanity? If so, whoever is running the place is doing a huge disservice to the American people and we’re not sure if we can believe anything they say.

Of 330 million people in the United States of America, this is what they can come up with? Oy.

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