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A group of young Black people gathered in a park at night are called: …

Blanche, do you sometimes feel like you are losing your mind? That what the media says is normal comes from a place of woke liberal idiocy?  We are referring to an ad put out by the Quebec government paid by you. Handsomely paid by you.

Here’s the English version of the ad, which is supposed to get rid of racism in Quebec. Ready?

“A group of young Black people gathered in a park at night are called: …

Can we talk? This ad is supposed to get rid of racism. Oh really?  It is supposed to ‘sensitize’ Papa Legault’s rural french canadians who clearly have little or no contact with anyone not white, catholic and french speaking – which we said last week.  It is one of the most racist ads we have ever read, akin to:

…A group of Jewish men counting money are called… …Or how about a group of chinese people making egg rolls are called… …Or maybe a group of Japanese people gathered to make sushi are called…

A group of young Black people gathered in a park at night are called dangerous. That’s the assumption without anyone saying a word. The french ad seemed to include the word quebecers somewhere. The English ad did not.

Aside from being racist, it is ignorance at its absolute finest and promotes racism. And the best part is that the media, specifically the English media thinks there’s nothing wrong with this ad. What is wrong with this world?

Do you shop online? Or maybe you go to a store, wander around and take a while to decide what to buy. Well, there’s another way to ‘shop’. It’s called looting.

Last Friday night thieves smashed a Louis Vuitton storefront window in San Francisco’s Union Square and ransacked the store. Then they continued ‘shopping’,  targeting about a dozen nearby stores, most likely with a list of who wanted what in their families. They hit Burberry and Hermes, as well as an eyeglass shop and cannabis dispensaries. Guess they had a long list.

On Saturday night in Walnut Creek, not far from  union square, just before closing time, about 80 people jumped out of a pack of cars, flash-mob style, swarmed the aisles of Nordstrom and escaped with their own gift lists. Welcome to the new way of ‘shopping’.

77% of quebecers are happy with Papa Legault’s handling of the pandemic. Never mind that the elderly in long term care facilities, under his watch,  died at the highest numbers in Canada.

Never mind that he was told the pandemic was coming and did nothing about it – never alerted the long term care facilities. Pshah. Who cares? As long as les Habs hire french canadian players, his little world is just fine.  Is nobody home in the opposition parties? The answer is no.

Papa Legault is moving along as though the deaths of these old people are a small and very annoying blip in his tenure. Hey, they were old anyway. They were going to die anyway. We hope you are as angry as we are.

And while we’re on the subject of shopping, many large retailers are not opening on black Friday. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods and JCPenney (are they still around?) will stay closed to avoid flash mobs, hysterical shoppers and massive mob scenes.

These days you can’t catch your breath. We go from one horrific event to the next. We will begin with the senseless murder of a young man in Israel by the name of Eli Kay of blessed memory. He was shot dead while walking to the Western Wall. Did anyone in the world report this other than Jewish media? Not one. It seems that to the rest of the world, it’s a normal thing for an arab to decide that today he will shoot a Jew and there’s nothing to see here.

Here’s a headline: It’s not normal. It’s beyond the pale. It’s horrific. So while not all arabs are murderers and terrorists, in Israel, 99.9% of terrorists and murderers are arabs.

And then there’s the ‘thing’ – we will not give it any credence at all – who ran over mostly women and children standing and watching a parade.

FYI – this thing was released on a $1,000 bond on November 11 after he was accused of driving over a woman, which he did. There is something fundamentally wrong with the US justice system if someone can run over another human being because he can’t control himself and for $1000 can walk away and then murder and maim many more people.

It appears this thing had committed another crime and was running away when he plowed and murdered those women and children.

From all of the above stories about the United States of America we have learned one thing: the grass is not greener down south as many people tout.

Each place has its own set of Papa Legault’s, looters and very sick people. So we are guessing the logical thing to do is make the best of where you are living. Just don’t be an ostrich and bury your head in the ground.

We’ll talk…

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