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A New Entry in Our What-Were-They-Thinking Department

Again, you may not like Trump, but he’s shipping the goods with his new tax overhaul. Yesterday, Apple said it has a five-year plan that includes building another campus and adding 20,000 jobs. It’s bringing most of its funds held overseas – a reported $245 billion – back to the US. Combined, the plan’s expected to put $350 billion into the US economy.

The icing on the cake: many of its employees a $2,500 stock bonus. Any arguments?

If we would not have seen this in print, in the Huffington Post no less, we would not have believed it.

It is an article written by the Director of Education Emerita, Canadian Civil Liberties Association. You should already be suspicious. Remember the 11 year-old girl who said someone cut up her hijab with a scissors, garnering international attention and a long kumbaya speech from our Prime Minister? Now remember she said she made it up?

As she is 11 years-old this should be the end of the story. Not with the civil liberties people. Danielle S. McLaughlin who wrote the article said that… “I believe we owe her an apology for not remembering that, even though she is well-spoken, she is still a child. She even told us, although it was while describing her fear at the fictitious attack: “I am a kid.”

And this is exactly, to the pin dot, the issue with those busy with other people’s ‘civil liberties’. That little girl needs help, her parents need help and our Prime Minister needs help as he should have waited a few minutes before his kumbaya message.

Apologize to this kid for what? Making up a story that cost thousands of dollars in taxpayers money to look for an invisible person? This kid (after she gets help) needs to know the cost of her antics. And a very smart person pointed out to me, her parents also need help as they should have moved heaven and earth to keep her name anonymous. Apologize to her? There are no words.

In the ‘what-were-they-thinking’ department, did Couillard and Plante actually dream Montreal had a chance of getting the new Amazon campus with 20,000 new jobs as part of a $30 billion investment?

Blanche, let’s put it this way: Between pasta-gate, measuring English letters with a ruler to make sure they are smaller than french letters and the latest and by far best nit-picking event of bonjour-hi, did he think Amazon would take their application seriously? Or how about this one that came out today – that Montreal’s mayor speaks to much English according to two Quebec nationalist groups.

These dudes are single-handedly keeping Quebec in a farmer-state of mind. Toronto made the shortlist – the final 20 cities. No kidding.

Did you know that Canada sent $25 million of your dollars to fund UNRWA? Did you know that this ‘stalwart’ arm of the useless UN and those who work for UNRWA openly teach hatred of Jews and Israelis?

Did you also know Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN withheld $65 million of its annual contribution to UNRWA? And did you also know that UNRWA does not allow third-party oversight of it’s activities?

Prime Minister Trudeau should be called on the carpet for this. If he knows about this money and ok’d it, well, you know where he stands. And if it went out without his knowledge, well, you can figure out how he governs the rest of the country.

Either way, Jews who support him should hold back their money until he comes clean with an answer.

Sorry to keep harping on Trudeau, but it looks like he’s either totally out of touch with reality or living in a bubble of his own.

There is something called the Canada Summer Jobs Program that provides subsidies to non-profit groups, small businesses and public-sector employers to hire summer students. It’s not a small program; some 70,000 summer jobs depend upon it.

Get this: Now, in order to qualify, the federal department of employment demands that the “organization’s core mandate respect … the right to access safe and legal abortions … and the rights of gender-diverse and transgender Canadians.” If you refuse the loyalty oath to Liberal party policy, you can’t apply.

This is not a joke. This is very serious and frankly, as the article said, totalitarian. You have to have the same beliefs as the country or else. Last we looked, Canada was still a democracy.

We hope that the Liberals pay a dear price for this kind of dictatorship governing style.

And finally, the Habs lost again. Could someone please put them out of their misery and tell them to go golfing until next year?

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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