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A Pearl From Spitzer: They Say we Learn From Our Mistakes. That’s Why I’m Making So Many

In case you were scratching your head wondering how someone like Trump could actually be in the running for president of the United States, we’ll give you one reason – Obama.

The current president was supposed to be the savior of black people. He failed miserably at that and in fact, seems to have made matters worse. A few cases in point were his totally inappropriate comments when a black teen was shot saying that ‘he could have been my son’. Another blunder was in Ferguson when he just couldn’t get his act together and calm tensions.

His foreign policies have made America look like a weak and cowering giant. He had no clue about the sophistication of isis totally misreading those ‘thugs’. He shunned, to put it mildly, Netanyahu, the prime minister of the only democracy in the Middle East and totally underestimated the power of Putin who is now, by default, the strongest leader in the world.

Obamacare is a disaster and this past weekend he was stamping his feet and insisting on appointing a new supreme court judge following the passing of Antonin Scalia. Obama of course wants to replace Scalia with a liberal judge. It seems to be a given that a ‘lame-duck’ president on his way out waits and allows the new president to appoint said judge.

Trump may sound like he’s a bag of wind, which he might be. But he also sounds like a strong leader, unafraid to say things that ruffle feathers, i.e. not scripted. While he may not actually get to be president, for those supporting him now, the ride must feel really good. Looks like our premier, Couillard lost some of his marbles to the environmentalists. He went to the Paris climate conference in January, met with the likes of Al Gore and came back hugging trees and saving whales. That would be fine and not cost any money but it’s not where he stopped.

Under the Parti Québécois government a contract was signed in March 2014 giving the Quebec government a 35-per-cent equity stake an Anticosti development. What is that you ask? It allows drilling for oil and gas on Anticosti Island. Up until he went to Paris, Couillard was fine with this search for gas and oil. Upon his return? Another story entirely. Get this:

“Let me repeat, solemnly: My name will never be associated with the dilapidation of Anticosti Island. My name will never be associated with the aggressive savaging of a natural environment like Anticosti.”

Can we talk? The CEO of Quebec City-based oil junior Petrolia Inc has a signed contract that states clearly oil and gas will be developed on Anticosti. It appears that our premier is willing to lose your money in breaking this contract. We wonder if he has Al Gore on speed dial for advice.

Blanche, we know you won’t believe this, but Hillary was barking like a dog at a rally in Reno Nevada. Seriously, we watched and heard. She was referring to a dog barking every time someone told a lie and took this genius idea one step further. She said that every time a republican lies, there should be a dog barking and then, zut alors, she began to bark come un chien – like a dog. Arf, arf, arf. It’s not enough she looks like a dog sometimes. She didn’t have to bark like one. Blanche, did you just say that? You are dizguzting.

Can we talk? Did she not think that this short clip would be all over the internet faster than you can right the word barking internet? Let’s start with Who Let the Dogs Out. Now let your imagination run wild. Whoever is managing her needs a tighter leash – pardon the pun.

Remember Elliot Spitzer? We’ll jog your memory. He was client #9 in a prostitution scandal while he was governor of New York. For two years the 54th governor of New York had been a client of one of those high-end enterprises, slyly called ‘escort services’, that offered the “girlfriend experience” for $1,000 (and up) an hour. Blanche, don’t you love the language? How quaint and delicate.

Well, Spitzer’s back in the news. NYPD officers responded to a room in the Plaza Hotel (around $1000 a night) after a woman identified as Svetlana  called 911 to say she was having a breakdown and had slashed her wrist. She was having a breakdown? How funny is that?

Spitzer initially answered the door and said everything was fine, but officers went back to double check and noticed blood and broken glass on the floor, prompting a search of the room. Svetlana was hospitalized with a reportedly self-inflicted wrist wound, where she told police Spitzer had choked her. In the end, comrade Svetlana ran back to Russia the next day, never pressing charges. Spitzer’s a loser.

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