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Admit it: Life Would be Boring Without Trump.

Blanche, did you see the coughing fit? You know, the one that Hillary had while giving a speech at a rally. Whilst she choking, Tim Kaine her running mate sat right behind her like an idiot, nodding and clapping. He looked like a bigger idiot than she did.

Why didn’t he get up off his rear end and go get her a glass of water?  He may have been sitting there but was obviously ‘not in the room’. His punishment? Hehehehehe – traveling around with Hillary. Yikes.

So the huge lead that Hillary had over Trump post convention is gonzo. They are now virtually tied. CNN, who is basically in bed with Clinton, did a poll which they had to make public – 45% for her, 43% for him. With the margin of error it’s a dead heat.

The truth is if anyone besides Trump were running against her, she would be dead meat. Alas, such is not the case and the US is stuck with someone who cannot see past his own face. He’s doing a bit better but everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop. In English that means if someone insults him he will dump his script, new persona and presidential demeanour and go after said person with both guns blazing.

Last night Blanche watched Citizen Four which is the story of Edward Snowdon. Think what you want of him, what he uncovered and brought forth is nothing short of jaw-dropping. After the docu-movie we decided that it might be wise to purchase a typewriter. Remember those? That way if you want to send something to someone without any chance of interception, you can type it out at your kitchen table clacking away at your new typewriter (maybe in your pyjamas), fold it up, put it into an envelope and mail it.

Nothing, absolutely nothing is safe. Not your cell phone, landline, computer, online banking – nothing. When and if the government deems it necessary, they will hack into your life without you having an inkling it’s even happening. They know where you search on google, what you bought three years ago on amazon and what time you called your aunt Bertha four years ago in Minnesota. Got it?

Don’t you find it strange that the government of Quebec has not uttered a word about Uber and the three month trial grace period is over tomorrow? The government said the ‘talks’ are going well. Really? Who knew?

Maybe, just maybe, someone should come forward and give us little people aka the plebs who pay their salaries, some inkling as to what is happening. Like will our Uber app still work tomorrow when we need a car? Nothing like taking the public for granted, eh?

Pressure anyone?  Remember the doctor we told you about last week who, because he couldn’t pass his essay exam in French, his license was revoked. Zut alors – the government retracted their decision and has decided to renew his permit.

Here’s what we would like to see: Take a few pure-laine French Canadians la and give them the same essay to write la. We would bet you anything, la, dat dey would not pass the test la.

The guy speaks perfect French, understands exactly what his patients are telling him, can write down what is necessary and dictate the rest in French for someone to write it out. Hey Blanche, ya think one of the bureaucrats needed his services as he’s the only specialist in la belle province in hereditary retinal diseases – la.

The United States is going to pot. Literally. This coming election will see almost ten states voting to either legalize it or lessen the penalties if one is caught with it. Let’s just say you should be checking which states they are. Why you ask? Well, let’s say you decide to buy some brownies and unbeknownst to you, they were made with a trickle of hash.

Blanche seriously. What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll have a yummy chocolate brownie and be laughing your head off. Sounds good, eh?

We’ll talk…

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