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Like him or not, Brian Mulroney left this world with a good name.

And after all is said and done, after all the money, after all the impressive positions such as prime minister, Mulroney was remembered as a decent man, a true friend, a wonderful father and husband and a moral and ethical human being.

How will Justin be remembered? Does he ever think about it? Certainly not as a good friend after throwing Israel under the bus while they are already down. That is unforgivable and will follow him the rest of his life. His badge of shame.

How will Anthony Housefather be remembered? He now has a chance to move the needle in different directions by choosing one of three things:

Stay in the liberal party and continue to be the 'hero' while the party he ascribes to kicks their friends while they are down.

Sit as an independent and perhaps get elected but then what? He belongs to no party and therefore has no resources to lean on for his community.

Or make the move across the aisle to the conservative party who now align with what the liberal party decades ago. The conservative party are supporters of Israel, of the Jews, of decency and morality. The ball is in his court.

One thing we would humbly suggest to him: Don't take a long time to make this decision. If you do, you look as though leaving your party is so difficult that you almost can't do it. And as a Jew, you can see with crystal clear glasses that party is no longer a friend of the Jews anywhere in the world.

Yesterday, the un security council demanded a cease-fire in gaza during Ramadan. The United States decided not to use its veto power and instead abstained from voting on the resolution which was non-binding.

What angered Bibi was that the measure did not link the demand for the hostages release with the call for a cease-fire. In that he is correct.

However, there are a few holes in Bibi's indignation. It seems that Bibi unilaterally announced his team was not going to the US. His generals were livid with him.

It is to be noted that if the war ends, Bibi and many around him are going to face the music for the complete collapse of their military on October 7, leaving their citizens at the mercy of brutal terrorists for hours and hours.

Something stinks about the extent of Bibi's anger and, as the adage goes, when it stinks, it stinks from the head down.

If you think dumping on Israel is the only issue with how Justin is running the liberal party, think again.

When we read this we simply could not understand a) who thinks up these moronic ideas and b) how do Justin and his cohorts justify spending our money on such drivel.

Our illustrious prime minister was on a video call to a summit in South Korea where he proudly (and moistly) announced that is office has approved $8.4 million of your hard-earned money to study - best sit down for this one - HOW AUTOCRACY THRIVES IN WARMING TEMPERATURES.

In other words, how climate change interacts with democratic decline. Those are Justin's words.

Peeps - you cannot make this manure up. Justin is so emboldened, so arrogant, so self-serving that he actually thinks taking our money and throwing it down the toilet is perfectly fine.

And this is the party Anthony Housefather is having trouble leaving? What are we missing here?

With the blessings of the openly anti-semitic Jagmeet Singh, last week one of his henchmen Heather McPherson led the charge against Israel. One of the things she stated was that gazans no longer want hamas to govern them.

We're not sure where this genius got her information, but she's stupidly wrong. Deadly wrong in fact.

According to a March 20th poll - that would be less than a week ago - 52 per cent of people wanted Hamas, an increase of 14 points since the question was asked three months ago.

The answer was significantly more than the 21 per cent who said they wanted the Palestinian Authority under someone other than current leader Mahmoud Abbas who you recall was fondled and caressed by our foreign minister Melanie Joly and York Central's liberal member of parliament, Ya'ara Saks - who happens to be an Israeli Jew.

Now, how satisfied were gazans with hamas’s performance in the war and with its leader, Yahya Sinwar? 62 per cent were satisfied with hamas (up 10 points from three months ago) and 52 per cent were satisfied with sinwar, the animal who now lives in the tunnels under gaza.

In case you were not yet convinced, a November survey by the Arab World for Research and Development found that almost 60 per cent of gazans had a positive view of hamas.

From these numbers, there's no way on earth gazans want a tw0-state solution which Justin and Singh breathlessly supported. They want Israel wiped off the map. They want Israelis in the ocean. They are happy with what hamas did on October 7.

So Anthony - if we know all of this, so do you. And you still can't make up your mind?

When we watched the moving video of Kate Middleton announcing to the world that she has cancer, all we could think about is that she is the mother of three young children.

When one goes into the hospital to fix a specific issue, cancer is not on the table. But most hospitals routinely do a biopsy...just in case.

Imagine her shock when the routine biopsy came back showing she had - we sincerely hope - the early stages of of a curable cancer.

Kate Middleton is an elegant, bright, real woman. She withstood grace the insane ruckus that surrounded her a few weeks earlier when some morons decided to create conspiracy theories as to why she was not seen.

We're guessing that Harry and Meghan, who would have picked up the slack in these days, are feeling - or should feel - some remorse as to what they did to the relationship with Harry's family.

Kate has more elegance and brains in her pinky finger than Meghan Markle can ever dream of. And Harry never guessed when he dumped on his family and shirked his responsibilities, that three members of his immediate family would be battling cancer - his father, his sister-in-law and his aunt. Add that his uncle, Prince Andrew who is shunned from the family and cannot help at all now.

As the late Queen Elizabeth said many years ago, this is an annus horribilis.

In case you didn't know, the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore was rammed by a massive container ship and collapsed. Mercifully, it was in the middle of the night, but there were still people on the bridge plus a crew fixing potholes.

And it was not a terrorist attack. The captain sent out a mayday signal as he had lost control of his ship.

To the great credit of the mayor of Baltimore, Brandon Scott, he gave it to CNN between the eyes during an interview this morning.

You may recall when there is a hurricane or some natural disaster, CNN reporters can be found reporting whilst holding onto a pole or the pillar of a building almost blowing away. Shock value.

As Scott conversed with a CNN anchor, the network kept showing images of the aftermath of the collapse as well as video of the moment the ship took down a big chunk of the bridge early in the morning.

“I’m going to be the first to ask that CNN and everyone else stop showing the video. No one needs to see a possibility of their family member being severely injured or otherwise over and over and over again because it’s just traumatizing our community.”

Good for him.

There are polls in quebec that keep coming out showing how much premier legault has dropped in the polls. In fact, he's the second most disliked premier in all of Canada.

There's no election for the next over 2 years. And then?

The alternative to legault - the PQ who keep saying the minute they get elected they will call for a referendum? Or the liberal party who are non-existent?

Not much of a choice, eh Blanche? We're between a rock and a hard place. In this case, we must keep saying that G-d runs the world. Not legault, not the pq and not the liberals.

We'll talk...

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thank you again, i love reading your column and comments regarding the disasterous situations befalling us here in canada, the US, and of course, Israel,

but as you say, we are in the hands of Hashem, and i agree,


Gefällt mir
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