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Ah Yes. We Told You So:)

We don’t want to gloat, but we told you so. We speak of Julie Payette, our ex-Governor General. It appears that the report written about her and the way she treated her employees is so damning that not a hint of a leak has come out yet. Not even one little drip. As per Justin’s other scandals, it’s all about the optics, which is why Payette was chosen in the first place and obviously not vetted at all, no matter how he tries to spin it. In ten minutes, reporters found out her history when she worked in other places and her modis operendi is the same everywhere: She’s very smart but the furtherest thing from a people person that you can get.

And this is who Justin picked to be the Governor General?

In case you didn’t know, her main job – in fact the only job she really had was to be…a people person. We’re sure that Justin will find a way to spin this. The only thing left for Canadians to absorb in his latest scandal is how much money Ms. Payette will take from you for the rest of her life. $150,000 or so per year sounds like the number they will end up with. Put away your dimes peeps. She’s young and healthy and you’ll be paying her salary for decades, long after Justin is gone.

There is a lot of confusion over who will preside over the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Many Republicans are screaming ‘not fair’ because Senator Leahy, a Democrat who voted to impeach, is presiding over the trial as the Supreme Court Judge Roberts said he was too busy to do so again (he presided over the first trial). There are some issues here.

The Constitution states, “When the President of the United States is tried the Chief Justice shall preside.” So far so good. Now for the problem: The Constitution does not specify who would preside over the trial of a former president, nor does it even envision such a circumstance.

Our take on this is that Pelosi et al could have found someone a bit less, shall we say, set in his ways. Everyone has an opinion about what happened as we all watched it in real time. But everyone is entitled to a fair trial. And that includes Donald Trump. The evidence looks damning and it will be brought to light.

But, it appears that the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot by putting in someone like Leahy who says: I’m not presenting the evidence. I am making sure that procedures are followed. I don’t think there’s any senator who over the 40-plus years I’ve been here [who] would say that I’ve been anything but impartial in ruling on procedure.” It just doesn’t look good and as we know, optics are very important.

We’ll wade into President Biden for a minute. Right now, as many people can see, the pendulum has swung completely to the left, a direct result of the never-ending noise that came from Trump for four years.

Do not forget for a moment that Trump was elected because there was a huge void in the United States. People felt that they were living in a system where they didn’t matter and no one cared about them. Trump read the tea-leaves in 2015 and campaigned on that very well. It helped him a lot that his rival, Hillary Clinton, could be one of the most entitled people on earth.

We were not born yesterday, Biden is no saint even if he goes to church everyday. Even if he wanted to become a priest. His choice of a bust of Che Guevara in his office is simply ridiculous. He’s pandering to the leftists of his party, in case you didn’t know. Stay tuned. The next four years are going to be quite the ride.

In case you are not following Canada’s standing in the vaccine line, we’re number 18 and dropping. Before you start foaming at the mouth – and you will in a second – know that Justin cheaped-out on the payments for the vaccines.

Mary-Elizabeth who lives in Corner-brook Newfoundland  knew that the entire world wanted those vaccines. Even she could have told Justin that he will need to sweeten the price to get the vaccines. But no, Justin has surrounded himself with pencil-pushing bureaucrats who can’t find their way out of a loo stall, and a small one at that. They simply could not figure out that this commodity was hotter than a juice bar in Greenwich village. ‘We’re not paying more for those vaccines. Screw those companies.’

Well dearies, we got screwed. Royally. Now it appears that the EU is getting into the action. AstraZeneca has informed Europe that production issues will reduce deliveries the vaccine. It will be approved in Europe later this week but here in Canada? The bureaucrats work at their own very, very s.l.o.w. pace. Don’t like it? Suck it up.

The kicker is that all of Canada’s vaccines are manufactured in Europe and you can bet your bippy that the EU will make very sure their people get those vaccines way, way before we do. Justin is promising that we will all be vaccinated by September. Sign for that right now.

We will wade gingerly into the flip-flop of the government regarding the 10 person limit in synagogues.

It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure out that Papa Legault’s people did not do their homework. Who they relied on for information is anyone’s guess. For sure not people who knew what they were doing as they changed that law about five times before coming to a final decision.

While the mainstream synagogues are, for the most part, in large, albeit sometimes very old buildings, 10 people in a place that can hold 1500 is insanity. The issue is not those places. The issue is the houses that were ‘converted’ into synagogues.

Many of those buildings are a warren’s nest of small rooms, each one functioning as its own synagogue with a minyan of ten. Yes, there are multiple entrances – the front door, back door and maybe a side door. But clearly, stuffing 50 people into rooms that hold 4 or 5 each at best is not what the government had in mind.

Whether or not you agree with what the government is doing is not the issue. The Jewish community petitioned the government through the courts and won. No. The issue is trying to outsmart the government.

As everyone can clearly see, the way to make change is through the courts and it worked. It united our Jewish community. The actions of a few people should not in any way take away from those who are strictly adhering to the law, whether they like it or not.

As for whatever anti-semitism may come out of this – guess what? Jews are no strangers to anti-semitism and this too shall pass. But let’s stop giving fodder for those looking for it.

One more thing. Why can’t Justin start his news conference at the time he calls it? Why do they always start at least 30 minutes late? Just asking. We’ll talk…

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