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Anti-Police Brutality March=Vandalism=Absent Mayor

Imagine our surprise this morning when, at 6:15 am, we heard Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe fame, speaking about Justin Trudeau, our erstwhile prime minister. Scarborough has Justin’s number.

They were discussing how Trump did not exactly tell the truth about the US having a trade deficit with Canada. It is to be noted that Justin didn’t have the correct numbers either, but we digress.

In discussing the issue, Joe started punching the air, a la Trudeau in his famous boxing match and talking like a little girl with a ‘strange British accent, again, a la Trudeau.

Lest you think that people will stop thinking that Trudeau is, well, silly, because he’s on a tour of steel plants, think again.

Selfies, boxing matches, tattoos, fancy socks, vacations with his ‘good’ friend the Aga Khan, his coming down the stairs on parliament hill and opening his shirt to reveal a Superman costume on Halloween and our personal favorite, Mr. Dressup in India are only the beginning. He has another year and a half to add to this collection.

The fact is, our Prime Minister is over his head in both his job and on the world stage. His trip to India was an embarrassment to the entire country. While his handlers will try to remake his image into someone that people can actually take seriously, it will be an uphill battle as one can only work with what one has. And in our case, we don’t have much.

Yesterday there were walkouts in hundreds of high schools all over the United States. We wondered who was behind these very organized marches and found the answer via Ben Shapiro. It’s the Women’s March.

Did you know their call to action is a clenched raised fist? Same as Black Lives Matter, football players who won’t stand for the national anthem and other extremist groups. What they, the women’s march movement and by extension the high school children have in common is that they despise the ‘establishment’ aka greed and wealth, a la Bernie Sanders.

We wondered to ourselves how the women’s march hijacked the high school kids. While that part remains a mystery, this next part does not.

The Women’s March is linked to Mr. Louis Farrakhan, who was seen photographed with women’s march leaders Ms. Mallory and board member Carmen Perez. Keep reading.

The Women’s March had been accused of anti-Semitism through its link to convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh, who has been embraced by Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour. Who is she?

Sarsour was recognized as a “champion of change” by President Barack Obama’s administration (oh yeah) and is an advocate for ending police brutality. She is reportedly helping the Women’s March expand state-level initiatives for women’s rights in 2018. But who is she really?

A huge proponent of the BDS movement, last year Sarsour shared the stage with Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian woman who was imprisoned in Israel for her participation in two terror attacks. Sarsour told the audience she was “honored to be on this stage with Rasmea.”

These are the women behind the women’s march and now behind the student marches. Heaven help us.

No doubt you heard about the collapse of the Miami pedestrian bridge this afternoon. Get this: It was an “instant bridge,” installed in a single day last Saturday.

An innovative approach, under which a 175-foot section of the overall 320-foot long bridge was fabricated by the side of the bridge, while support columns were erected in place.

Over a few hours on Saturday morning, the 950-ton span was lifted off the ground by a mechanical transporter, swung into position then lowered into place over the support columns. This method does obviously not work. We have heard there were deaths as huge slabs of cement fell onto the cars below. Awful, awful.

Tonight in Montreal is the annual demonstration against police brutality. Hey, maybe someone should call Linda Sarsour. Normally when there is a demonstration, leaders are obliged to give the police their route. Not so for this one. As well, it appears that the police kind of stand by idly while the ‘demonstrators’ vandalize stores and cars. Can we talk?

Where is madame le mayor of Montreal? In her role as in-house dictator, how is she allowing this to happen? For some things she closes her eyes and looks the other way? Doesn’t work like that. Mayors are supposed to make sure not only the mountain in the centre of the city or cyclists are protected. Someone please send her a memo.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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