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Arrogance and Chutzpah

Blanche was totally unplugged for almost 24 hours. No phone, no internet, no TV. Interesting concept which brought us back to a time in our lives when all we had was a black and white television with  two channels (6 and 12) which went on the air at 6:00 am and off the air at midnight. No internet and a party line. (Those under 40 will most likely not even know what a party line is.) We even remember the national anthem played at 6:00 am. Guess we’re kinda old:)

If you think that the late-night comedians have gone to far regarding Trump, you ain’t seen nothin yet. We’re now going to a whole new level of disrespect and arrogance for the office of the president.

The New York Public Theater is refusing to back down over its production of “Julius Caesar” that portrays a Donald Trump-like dictator in a business suit with a long tie who gets knifed to death onstage. We saw the picture of what happens and it’s gory and bloody. Those watching this play on Sunday gave a standing ovation when the actor was assassinated.

Whether you despise Trump is not the issue and it appears that both Delta Air Lines and Bank of America got the point and have pulled their sponsorship of the play. They went on to state that had they known of the contents of the production, they would never have given them a dime.

The United States is a democracy and the office of the president sacrosanct. The issue here is obviously that people feel the president himself does not understand the sacredness of his office. And that may be correct but it does not give a license to anyone to go so far as to pretend he was assassinated. That’s not how the US is run, unlike Russia which wantonly murders anyone it deems is speaking out against the government. Is there no one left in the United States with a sane mind?

Take note of this name: Terry McAuliffe. It seems he’s seriously thinking of taking a run at the leadership of the democratic party and a run at the presidency in 2020. While he may be a good guy and credentials that are lily white, he does have one big strike against him. He’s very good friends with the Clintons.

Such good friends in fact, that for decades, he was the Clinton’s go-to-money-man-fundraiser-extraordinaire. That’s nasty Blanche. Feh.

Look at this name and after this piece, erase it from your memory: Alex Jones. He thinks that the parents of the children who were murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre faked their children’s deaths and the murders never happened. He also believes  in the conspiracy theory that the United States was involved in 9/11. You get the drift. He should not be given one second of air time anywhere.

Well, Megyn Kelly seems to think that he would make a very good guest on her new program and she is airing an episode with Jones as her guest on Sunday night.

We will refresh your memory and remind you that Kelly was at Foxnews and is now at NBC, with basically polar opposite the views of Fox. We are guessing that she is trying to assert herself in her new position. She needs to find some guidance.

The parents of the children who died in Sandy Hook simply cannot believe that any media outlet would allow this creep to speak anywhere, let alone this Sunday which is father’s day. Megyn Kelly has diminished herself as a journalist by even suggesting he go on her show. Those are the people she is going to interview? Perhaps she should get a job at the National Enquirer.

Our premier, Couillard, has awakened from his slumber of, oh, about 50 years. He decided today that his government is concerned about “the isolation and assimilation of anglophone communities in Quebec’s outlying region.” Good morning.

It seems that some kind of study was done and the results were concerns about the vitality of isolated anglophone communities, citing how spread out they are, their weak demographic weight and the aging population. Could have fooled us. Not.

After chasing out every head office from here, nit-picking the size of the word pasta on a menu, not allowing English children to go to an English school unless their parents went to an English school, hacking to death our medical system – now they decide Anglos are weak? Infuriating is not the word. Stupid is the word. Fake is another word. He doesn’t give a rats about Anglos. He’s opening his mouth now as there is an election in November and, from the sounds he is making, phony as they are – he is pandering to the English people of this province. He’s a snake.

Remember Michaelle Jean? She was Canada’s Governor General. Well, after that cushy post, she landed an even cushier one in Paris as the secretary-general of the group of countries known as La Francophonie. Oh yes. While she was governor general it came out that both she and her husband were ardent supporters of Quebec sovereignty. A small detail.

In her newest capacity, she gets an apartment within spitting distance of the Eiffel Tower at a cost of $13,000 per month. Blanche, can you imagine how stunning that apartment must be?

Well, Madame Jean doesn’t think so and she has already spent over $500,000 to redecorate it. Who’s paying for these upgrades in a rental? Why all the taxpayers in La Francophonie’s 84 member states, including Canada. She’s a piece of work and always has been, understanding how to play the system and rip off the public. We should all be taking lessons from her as she is obviously a great con artist.

Blanche, you want to hear about some chutzpah? Here ya go in all its glory: Mayor Coderre is going to rerun the music and light show of the Jacques Cartier bridge because the police ‘ruined’ the music part of the show the first time around.

Got that? His party was pooped on and he’s crying. And, because he has his grubby little paws in your pocket and thinks the taxpayers money is his own personal money tree, he’s redoing the ‘opening’ of the new lights on the bridge. Don’t try to stop him. When confronted he gets very loud and starts blustering, a great deflective manoeuvre which he has now perfected.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions went before a Senate committee this afternoon and bit back at some of the more testy questions. He stated clearly, under oath that it was an outright lie that he was involved in any Russian collusion.

This whole Russian collusion issue is making Blanche nauseous. The Russians hacked into the Democratic National Committee computers but they did not ‘fix’ the election. This is literally, as one journalist wrote this past weekend, part of the media carpet-bombing of Trump.

Where was the media when Hillary was secretary of state hiding her emails in her house? Where was the media when she forced countries to pay up to her foundation or she wouldn’t talk to them?

Everyone may despise Trump and he is by far his own worst enemy, but what is happening is a witch-hunt with a double standard. We wish that someone would open up Hillary’s email scandal. Now that would be juicy.

We’ll talk…

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