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Baby-Boomers on Motorcycles. Is That Zaidy Bernie?

Blanche, what gives? It’s a tad on the late side to be sending out your blog? Traveling will do it. That and unbearable heat and humidity gets to the brain. Onward.

May we suggest that you not go to Florida in the next little while. It appears that heavy rain and wind have blown in over a billion mosquitos. That’s gross.

Broward Mosquito Control is applying for a patent for its newest method of mosquito control. They’ve created a nozzle that makes the spray droplets so small that it spreads further and uses half as much product. And you thought a snowstorm was bad.

Who knew? Harley-Davidson’s shares skidded to a more than one-year low after the motorcycle maker cut its full-year shipments forecast as demand weakens among its aging baby-boomer customers and fewer millennials take to motorcycling.

Blanche, didn’t you think that cool dudes rode Harleys? Think again. Seems like bubbles and zaydies are also riding. Hey, maybe even Zaidy Bernie is varooming up the highway with his wife holding on for dear life on the back.

Quebec’s health minister aka bulldog Barrette is smelling an election. Why else would he say it is important to involve the community in the selection process of ten independent board members to replace the first ten who quit en masse.

May we suggest if you have some time on your hands, you submit your application for one of the spots. We even have the email address for you:

One more thing. All applications must be in by Aug. 16 at 5 p.m. That’s certainly time enough to get your CV in order. There must be two candidates chosen for each position so you really have a chance. Of course you have to be able to sit in a room with Barrette and control yourself. That would be harder than anything else one would be asked to do.

Remember Boris Becker, the great tennis star? Well, it seems that his prowess is with the racket and not his brain. He invested his entire fortune, about £100m on a Nigerian oil company.

Can we talk? Is this not in the same ilk as the Nigerian prince emailing us for money because his brother got into trouble? This Becker dude may be a great tennis player, but he’s far from the smartest nail in the toolbox.

Donald Trump Jr. is also not the smartest chip in the bag. Just tell the truth, get it out there, let the chips fall where they may and in ten minutes the news media who is frothing at the mouth to pin something on his father, will go on to the next story.

But no, for whatever his reason, he decided to drag the story out, drip, drip, drip. That of course just keeps it in the news for days and days.

Everyone looks for dirt on their opponent. Trump’s problem is that the dirt was ostensibly coming from Russia, who wants nothing more than to embarrass those in power. Perhaps they had something on Hillary. It was certainly not a farfetched idea at the time as she was embroiled in many scandals, the least of which her home grown email server.

Given all of the above, Donald Jr. should have spilled all the beans right away. Perhaps though, we are thinking that this is a good deflection away from the health care bill that is about to not be passed. Time will tell.

And one more thing: CNN keeps harping on taking away Jared Kushner’s security status. Only the president can take that away so they best stop harping on that idea and move on to something that may actually materialize. He did not commit a crime. He may not have told the whole truth on his clearance form, but that does not constitute a trial. Next.

We’ll talk…

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