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Bernie to Hillary: No, They Didn’t Say You Were a Liar. They Said You Are a Liar. There’

While Blanche is certainly not Trump’s cheerleader, we were rather impressed the other night while watching his children being interviewed, together with him and his wife Melania on CNN. All of his children are well-spoken and look normal, whatever normal is. Most impressive was his daughter Ivanka. She’s articulate, thinks before she opens her mouth (unlike her father) and seems to be grounded. There is definitely something to say about a parent who can produce functioning, well-rounded adults. If only the Donald wouldn’t be such a narcissist.

Now, if Ivanka could convince her father to lose the comb-over and change his hair color from mustard to something more normal she would go to the head of the class.

The political pundits are saying that unless Zaidy Bernie hits a grand slam in tonight’s debate with Hillary, he’s going to be toast in the New York primary and will fall very far behind her in delegate numbers. Given that, there were 27,000 people at a rally he held yesterday. Blanche, how does anyone know that there were 27,000 people there? Does everyone come in via a counting gate? Can someone eyeball such a large number of people? But we digress.

Watch out for the ‘religious’ issue to be asked to Sanders. Nobody can figure out why he is so reluctant to say he’s a Jew. It seems the word never leaves his lips yet at some rallies he says his religion is his guiding principle. It wasn’t so guiding when asked to speak to an all Jewish audience at AIPAC when he flat out refused to talk.

Bernie and Hillary despise each other and as Bernie has nothing to lose, he’s going to go after her with both guns blazing. His problem is that he’s not always prepared with answers to his policies. Exactly how is he going to implement those socialist policies of his? If he can’t answer some basic questions tonight he best buy himself a good toaster.

Blanche also watched Ted and Heidi Cruz in their family interview. As a couple they deserve each other. If you can imagine it, they are both slimy. She tries to sound nice but you know those people who are ready to pounce at any moment? That’s her. She ain’t no pushover and don’t try to push her.

What we found insane were the moronic questions from the planted audience. ‘What’s your favorite movie? Where did you meet? Do you listen to your wife? Really? This man is running for president of the United States, you have a chance to ask a question and it’s about movies?

We can tell you Donald didn’t get those questions. CNN is not shy to show their support, that’s for sure.

Trump must be very happy today. Tens of thousands of Americans will decline to report to work Thursday because of labor disputes. Included in these numbers are nearly 40,000 Verizon employees who walked off the job yesterday in search of assurances that their positions will not be outsourced or automated in the near future, after contract talks with the company stalled.

They are also looking for job security. Guess what? So is everyone else in the world. Job security left long ago. Remember when people started to work for General Motors at 18 years old and retired from the same company at 55? Those days are a thing of the past.

Well, not exactly. If one works for the government in la belle province, now dats a lifetime job because OPM – other people’s money is paying their salary.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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