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Bill Who?

So Hillary finally committed. Truthfully, we liked her video even though it most likely not true. She’s pretending to understand the ‘little people’ out there who live week to week. She never had to live week to week a week in her life. She’s from the entitled ones, never having to shop for something that comes two in a package.

She has a shot at the presidency unless someone suddenly appears of left field, say next April, which would still be almost 8 months to the election. It a possibility although right now no one is looming on the horizon.

And then of course there’s Bill. If she wins will he be called the First Man? We don’t think so. How about the First husband? Or maybe the First Bill. We think it will be just plain Bill. How’s this: Madam President and Bill. Doesn’t really have a ring to it. Madam President and Mr. Bill. That could work. Really Blanche, is that all you have to worry about? As we once said, there has to be a happy medium between free range and helicopter parents. Nothing in the extreme is good. The free range parents living in Maryland had their children, ages 10 and 6, taken into custody after people found them walking alone in the street, ostensibly coming home from the park. In another report, it was stated that the children were found in a parking garage with someone ‘unsavory’ loitering nearby.

We believe the former, park version of the story. Given that, what we cannot fathom is why these parents are pitting their children against the system. It’s obvious that what they are doing is illegal where they live. So either give it up or move to, say Vermont or Alaska where most likely no one will bother them. The parents need parenting.

Joe-boy, who lives in the deep south was shootin up an armadillo. That’s an animal that looks like a cross between a gopher and rat and has a very hard outer shell. Guess he wanted some roadkill for supper. Well Blanche, after he shot and in fact killed the armadillo, the bullet then bounced off the animal, hit a fence, traveled through the back door of the mother-in-law’s mobile home and the recliner in which she was sitting, striking her in the back.

Mercifully his mother-in-law will be ok and he had a fine dinner. Fech.

Looks like there are cracks in the separatist party here in la Belle Province. The parti québécois has asked the Couillard government to recognize the right for students to strike, and thereby set rules governing student demonstrations and votes that could help limit violence or vandalism.

Their erstwhile leadership candidate, PKP, begs to differ. He said it was up to students to control their democratic associations, and that the state should not impose rules on them. Let them talk amongst themselves and while they’re at it we hope they all implode. While the Mike Duffy/senate trial slowly moves along, the conservative party is ignoring the entire thing as though it doesn’t exist. It’s business as usual, gearing up for a fall election and doing what they must to garner support all over the country. We’re waiting for Duffy’s bombshell to drop. Ya think he’s bluffing? Over the long weekend about ten days ago, millions of pounds’ worth of jewels, gold and cash were stolen in a raid of safety deposit boxes. Many of the owners of the high-value deposit boxes had no insurance on items worth several thousands of pounds. Plus they won’t say what was in those boxes. This is pretty nasty. If ya can’t store valuable in a safety deposit box without fear of being robbed may we suggest a pocket sewn into your mattress.

We’ll talk…

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