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Imagine our surprise when we got this message from Facebook when we tried to upload Tuesday's Blanche Report: In response to Canadian government legislation, news content can’t be shared.

The real reason we got knocked off Facebook is Bill C 18 brought to you by none other than our illustrious Justin again trying to save the world.

We did a deep dive into this bill and found out the following:

...Bill C18 or the Online News Act, which went into effect at the end of 2023, compels Google and Meta to pay publishers when linking to news content. It's part of an effort to inject news publishers with an infusion of cash after the internet revolution upended traditional revenue streams for outlets. 

...Previously, newspapers relied on subscriptions, advertising and classified sections to keep their newsrooms operational.

Alas, along came the internet where you can find everything, browsing free of charge and classified ads, which were revenue for newspapers etc, came to a crashing halt.

...Facebook retaliated to C 18 and blocked news on their platform for people in Canada.

Here's where we got caught up in this mess. Blanche does not create news content, rather we comment on it. Clearly, Facebook's algorithms didn't pick up that nuance. We're also pretty sure 'people' complained about us to Facebook and the combination of the two issues got us knocked off Facebook.

We smelled a rat and did a bit more digging. Guess what?

Australia and California, both places with insane covid restrictions and uber liberal save-the-whale leaders, enacted the same law as C18. The common denominator here, including Bill C18, are governments trying to keep us 'safe'.

Their motto? We know what's best for you. Seriously? We're done with Facebook. Goodbye, so long, avederzein to you.

Peeps, if you have a friend still reading Blanche on Facebook, tell them to subscribe.

Let's start with legault saying the quebec supreme court ruling regarding Bill 21 is a win for the nation of quebec.

He can stand on his head and spit nickels. Quebec is the province. Canada is the nation. And if he doesn't like it, then give up your Canadian passport in exchange for the passport of the nation of quebec. What are the chances of that happening?

Now for the ruling.

The Quebec court of appeal has ruled that Bill 21 is constitutional. All of it. Peeps, we hope you didn't expect any other ruling. The key word in the Quebec court of appeal is of course the word Quebec. This is not the Supreme court of Canada.

We will remind you that Bill 21 confirmed the province's secular status. Public servants, including teachers, police officers and judges, are forbidden from wearing religious symbols such as a hijab, turban or kippah while working.

These judges ruled that quebec can use the 'notwithstanding' clause at their whim. In other words doesn't matter who, what where or when - we can overrule you and your rights.

This comes to you from the same person saying that foreign students are polluting downtown Montreal by speaking English.

We believe that legault's generation, i.e. the generation of Rene Levesque and his dream of the country of quebec is the last one. The young adults today, with the exception of those milking cows in the 'regions' all speak English.

They are on tik-tok, the watch Netflix in English and they know that the language of technology and big business is English.

Legault, Dery and their ilk may be trying their best to run this province into the ground, but when they are gone, we believe this unrealistic, improbable and impractical nation of quebec will finally be put to rest. All we have to do is pray they disappears very quickly.

In an open letter posted to social media last week, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) advised members of Parliament that they would not be welcome at “community gatherings” during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, unless they first publicly committed to a list of anti-Israel stances.

These stances included:

...condemning the Israel Defense Forces for “war crimes” committed against Gazans,

...calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

...ending the pause on funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), a UN agency whose employees have been credibly linked to the Oct. 7 massacre.

Rather than go to community gatherings, we suggest that MP's give those who issued this ultimatum the middle finger and move on. Alas, kahoonas are not in abundance in the liberal party.

Coupled with the liberals trailing the conservatives by a wide margin and Justin's insistence on being the face of the party when in fact his face is the last thing his people want to see, it will be interesting to watch this play out.

And the picture featured with this item? Justin pledging allegiance at a mosque. Nothing more to say.

Quebec single-handedly destroyed Blue Panier - their own little fantasy creation.

In his 'wisdom' during covid, legault said that to help quebec businesses his government was going to spend hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to set up a website to promote la belle province's industries.

All well and good except that the website was only in french.

Duh - genius - if you are not going to translate the website, you have narrowed your buyers to basically nil. Americans are not going to google translate to buy a bottle of quebec maple syrup. They will get it on amazon.

How did legault announce the demise of his very expensive fantasy? With a letter in English. Can you figure that one out?

There was a very ugly incident in gaza today. Crowds of palestinians rushed humanitarian aid trucks in northern Gaza.

'Hamas health officials' - really? - reported 104 killed in the incident, blaming Israeli fire.

The IDF says Palestinians were hurt by "pushing and trampling" and that troops also opened fire at a crowd moving toward forces in the area.

⁠The incident began at around 4:00 a.m., when about 30 trucks carrying humanitarian aid arrived at the coast of Gaza City, to deliver food to Palestinians in the Rimal neighborhood.

Thousands of Palestinians rushed the trucks after they passed an IDF checkpoint in central Gaza, leading to a stampede in which dozens of Palestinians were wounded and killed, some after being run over by the trucks, according to the probe.

The IDF's initial investigation found that some of the trucks managed to continue further north where armed terrorists reportedly opened fire at the convoy near Rimal and looted it. We believe the IDF's version as opposed to jagmeet singh who opens his mouth to change feet.

Jagmeet singh, who lives in Justin's pocket popping out only to say stupid things, said "he was horrified by and condemn the massacre by Israeli troops of over 100 Palestinians seeking life-saving aid. Canada must take action to save lives."

Did he know that the trucks were looted by hamas?

He is such a fool that it is beyond words. He doesn't know what he's talking about and doesn't deserve to be quoted anywhere. Ich. Ich. Ich.

Sad news that Brian Mulroney has died.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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regarding your final words that hamas is stealing the aid trucks for their own use,

and that no one gets it,

i have learned that you cant cure stupid!

good shabbos


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