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What to make of the worldwide pro hamas, pro terrorist, pro sharia law idiots who think they are protesting for a good cause? In fact all of them - every single one - are useful idiots for hamas, qatar (much of whose money has funded universities for decades), abbas and all other terroris organizations.

For starters, as most people with half a brain know, those morons vacationing for free in tents have not the faintest clue what they are protesting about. Not even a hint of a clue.

Anti-zionism, anti-Semitism, anti-Israel has become THE thing shriek about (of course with their faces covered) and they do so like moronic sheep. If all my friends are doing it, then I have to be part of the group. Sheep mentality.

Next who is funding these very organized pop-up tent cities? Where are these snowflakes getting tents, rain gear, camping stoves, massive palestinian flags, portable terlits, food and water? Who is advising them when the police are about to enter their 'new homes' and what to do?

As for getting rid of them...

Clearly Justin is more useless than a snowstorm in July. As is anyone remotely associated with him including his infamous 'inner circle' who have manure for brains.

While we are not overly fond of Francois Legault to put it mildly, he is on the right side of history. He has unequivocally called upon the police to dismantle the tents saying, "the camp was "illegal" and that "the law must be respected."

Why hasn't McGilll acted yet? Where is Plante to whom Legault is speaking directly? Have you heard a peep from her? She's the one in charge of the Montreal police. Is she afraid of these entitled children? Is she ok with this because they are not riding around in cars?

Peeps - in New York and California they took care of the tents and those in them chick-chat. While it wasn't pretty, the job got done.

Someone send Madame plante, Justin and his cohorts a video of how it's done. Clearly they are unable to fix this problem on their own.

And then there's the other side of Legault.

After uttering the words above, he went back to his four cubits and made sure anyone wearing a kippah or hijab can't have a government job or teach.

This guy has a serious personality disorder.

One would think that la Belle province (quebec) is rolling in money. It's growing on trees. They are veritably giving it away. How do we know?

Quebec's found $603 million - not $600 million mind you - to "go on the offensive" to protect and promote French and counter what is described as the language's decline.

Jean Francois Roberge, Quebec's erstwhile cabinet minister responsible for the French language announced this with the blessings of Legault and his lap sitter Pascale Dery.

Nobody except those making these asinine decisions cares about who says hi or bonjour. Nobody. This is the mother-of-all-deflections and deceptions. It is a complete and total waste of your hard-earned tax money.

Look over there at the made-up language issue. Not here at the housing shortage, the crumbling infrastructure, the dearth of teachers and assistants, the days long wait times in the emergencies, the chronic shortage of doctors and nurses, the nitpicking, Dr Pepper brained language police. We know better what's good for you.

Right. When pigs fly.

The caq believes that if you say a lie enough times, people will believe it. We hope they, as the liberals and ndp in Ottawa, get decimated in the next election. Wiped off the map.

One of the best articles we read about what is happening in Canada was written by someone not Jewish.

General Rick Hillier is a Canadian army officer who served as the chief of the defence staff (CDS), the top-ranking officer in the Canadian military, from 2005 to 2008.

He gets it. In an article written for the National Post he said:

The massive explosion of hatred against Jews across Canada was spurred on by the non-reaction of our political leaders.

Wanting to placate Islamic voters, who are present in increasing numbers, Canada’s government failed to condemn the hatred and is now frightened about what could come.

Words yes, actions no, but as I learnt long ago, actions talk and bulls–t walks. Our government fears what will come from its inaction and knows that any tragedies will be its legacy.

That last sentence - actions talk and bulls-t walks fits two people perfectly. Justin Trudeau and Anthony Housefather who mindlessly parrots Justin's hollow words.

Those two geniuses continue to spout inane, timid, futile words which do absolutely nothing.

Here's a headline: The only genocide in gaza is perpetrated by hamas. What these protesters have done is change the channel away from the real story - the 136 Israeli hostages held by hamas. If they were released, the 'war' would end pretty quickly.

Clearly that's not happening and now hamas has bought themselves time as the world is obsessed with and no doubt cheering the campus protests.

We wish we had the names of all those 'house plants' in those tents. We would spread them all over social media telling any and all Jewish owned institutions never to hire them, not to sell to them, never treat them in Jewish hospitals or doctors offices, cut off their waze and google (started by Jews), no more Starbucks (started by 3 people, one of whom was a Jew) and anything else created by Jews.

Those pretending to care about gaza wouldn't last one minute in that world.

Canada has its very own anti-Semites elected and sitting in parliament in Ottawa. We are referring to jagmeet singh and many of those who belong to the ndp party.

Here's what singh tweeted today:

I stand in solidarity with students and anti-war advocates. What is happening in the US right now is very dangerous and alarming. In Canada, I want students to know this: It is your right to peacefully protest - and I will defend that. New Democrats will continue to stand for peace and justice, for protection of your charter-rights and for ensuring every student feels safe and welcome on campus.

Singh is openly saying that hamas is good, that hating Jews is fine and that Israel deserved what happened on October 7 - which is what the 'anti-war' activists are saying.

All Singh, his ilk and the 'protesters' know is that their lives are not complete unless they find someone or some people who they deem downtrodden and poof! they give them unconditional support.

The fact is they know nothing about the subject matter, they know nothing about history and stupidly believe the hamas press which of course doesn't exist.

We will say it again: Why aren't they protesting the murders going on in Haiti or Sudan or Ukraine? Those massacres are ok?

People - Remember October 7th. Pray for the Israeli hostages - men, women, children and babies who are still alive. Never mind the rest of the noise.

In the end G-d runs the world. And all the fools who can't wait to live under sharia law will be left in the dustbin of history while the Jews together with those who are on the right side of history will survive, thrive and keep moving forward.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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