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Blanche is Back…After a Bout with Covid

My Dear Blanche Readers,

This will not be a long blog. I got Covid about 12 days or so ago, immediately following the passing of my beloved mother.

I stayed home as long as I could but it became clear on January 14 that I needed to go the hospital. To say I was scared would be a gross understatement. I was very scared. In the end however, it was 100% the correct decision.

The care I received at the Jewish General Hospital here in Montreal was beyond exemplary. There are simply no words to describe what a treasure of an institution we have here. From the person who cleaned my room four or five times daily to the doctors who so compassionately cared for me, to the nurses who are nothing short of angels, my experience was a very positive one.

Know that as much as some of you may have missed reading Blanche, we missed you more.

Please take care of yourselves, listen to what the authorities tell you to do to avoid getting this illness. While some of what they have said or done may not quite be correct, from personal experience I can tell you, as the doctors told me, no two people get it the same way. Cut your governments some slack, wear a mask, wash your hands and please stay safe.

Blanche will publish our regular blog tomorrow (reminding you that I was correct about Julie Payette).

We’ll talk…

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