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Blanche, The Fat Lady Didn’t Sing Yet

The fat lady did not sing yet. Do not think this race is over. We are referring to the fact that the Liberal party and Mr. Couillard are finally making headway in the polls and more importantly with French Canadians.

It appears that princess pauline really did not read her tarot cards very well in picking PK Peladeau as her star candidate. Either that or the geniuses who surround her missed the boat entirely.

This was very visible by ‘the push’ aka ‘da pauline’. That’s the short video depicting someone asking a question with both Peladeau and the princess at the microphone. He begins to step forward to respond, her hand goes up (almost in slow motion) and she pushes him away. A perfect example of a picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s still a nail-biter and will be until the bitter end. Keep the Pepto close by. You’ll need it on election night.

That missing Malaysian plane remains one of the all time mysteries. Australian and American authorities began searching 600,000 square kilometres (230,000 square miles) of the remote Indian Ocean saying it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. We heard it was like looking for one person in the entire country of Canada. This is a crazy story that no doubt will bring out every conspiracy nutball known to man. CNN is always in the thick of things. Instead of having someone holding onto a pole in a hurricane, they have one of their newsmen sitting in the cockpit of a plane that’s actually flying (the pilot is right there). He’s explaining all the buttons and computers on the dashboard (is that what it’s called?). Like we understand and it will make a difference to the plane that disappeared seemingly into thin air or into the depths of the ocean (3 miles deep in some places).

CNN best find something else to cover shortly cause if they don’t find a trace of the plane in the next few days, this story is going to slowly disappear, emerging once in a long while for whatever updates people will manufacture. Things in the Crimea and Ukraine are heating up. From the looks of things, a major battle could erupt at any time between the mighty Russian army and the rag-tag Ukrainians. The world is powerless to stop Putin or his troops. Nothing much to say here except if you think this is Putin’s last stop in the Ukraine, go check a map. He’s only just beginning.

Ya missed the boat. Hillary’s in Montreal speaking tonight. Blanche, ya gotta stop checking out her hair and how she looks. It’s really shallow and she’s such a brainy lady. We know she needs a new hairdresser. Oh wait, maybe he didn’t come with her and that’s why she had to put her hair up in a ponytail. Hehehehehehehe.

As someone said tonight, it looks like the treehuggers hijacked spring till August. What the heck is up with the snow again tomorrow? The stores are filled with flowy, flowery, pastel-colored spring clothing and people are wandering in with their boots, hats, mitts and scarves wrapped around them like it’s the middle of February. Al Gore, where are you when we need you.

We’ll talk…

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