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Bloomberg For President

On Tuesday ex New York mayor Michael Bloomberg took himself to Israel on an El Al flight to Israel, giving the finger to all the governments that issued a no-fly order, ‘fearing’ to fly there. He said what everyone was thinking – there was no reason to close the airport in Israel. It was a political move aimed at the heart of Israel’s tourist industry. He should be running for president. He’s clear headed, not afraid to look someone in the eye and say the truth, still has some hair and most importantly, has gzillions of dollars.

The no-fly order was lifted today by all the airlines. Guess everyone woke up and realized what is really going on.

More news about Israel. A rocket was fired at Eilat today, possibly aiming for the airport there.

You are going to hear about a UN shelter in gaza that got hit by guns and rocket-fire today with many casualties. The Israeli military said it could have been a rocket fired from Gaza that fell short of Israel and exploded. By tomorrow morning you are going to hear a very different version of this coming out of the arab media.

The alerts on our iPhone were going off continuously this afternoon. Ashdod, Ashkelon and the entire area is still being bombarded.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey will push for Israel to be tried at an international criminal court if it kept up its assault on Gaza. Another lowlife in the world.

Yet another plane, this time from Air Algerie, went down today. At first, every newscast we heard was fearful that it was blown out of the sky. Who would have thought such things a few months ago. It turns out there was bad weather and tragically everyone on board was killed in the crash.

You don’t have to live in Quebec to appreciate these next two tidbits. Morons live everywhere. It’s just that we’re lucky here and get to see what they do:)

New sidewalks were poured recently. The problem is, every few feet there is a huge electric pole the size of a tree trunk blocking the sidewalk. You can’t push a stroller around them and certainly cannot maneuver a wheelchair. Only someone with the intelligence of a tsetse fly would pour cement around hydro poles that need to be removed.

It seems that ‘someone’ is digging them in the next few days. Oh wait! Once they are removed, new cement has to be poured over the holes left by the poles. Like we said, no shortage of morons around. Six years ago, a huge cement slab fell off an overpass onto a few cars here killing five people. Yesterday, Quebec’s Order of Engineers said it would not lay blame for the incident because so much time has passed since the overpass was constructed in 1970, making it difficult to investigate. So much time? The overpass, its construction and follow-up maintenance is the responsibility of the government. And they are walking away with a shrug?

Can we talk? Don’t you wish you had a job where if you screwed up you were not accountable? How about this: Take a sample of that cement and see if it was watered down. Then go back and see who supplied it. If the company is out of business then the government is responsible as they were the ones who hired that company. Oh wait a minute… Don’t forget those were the heydays of corruption, money in socks, vacations on yachts etc. No wonder no one remembers what happened.

It is beyond disgraceful that the families involved received an answer like this from a government agency and Couillard should do something to make amends to them asap.

Don’t forget to stay alert here in Montreal. Don’t walk around with your head in the clouds.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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