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Boycotting Zara?

If you don’t shop at Zara most likely you didn’t hear about this. It fits into the ‘give us a break’ department. And that’s putting it mildly.

Before we give you the present scenario, we’ll jog your memory. In 2007, Zara withdrew a handbag featuring a green embroidered swastika inside a red sun. They took the bag off the market when a great hue and cry erupted online to boycott Zara. Of course they apologized profusely. “We didn’t know”, “it was a mistake”, “we’re so sorry”.

Well, they obviously have a short memory or no memory at all. This season they have a blue and white stripped t-shirt with a yellow star on the right hand corner. Sound familiar? It was the uniform prisoners wore in the concentration camps depicted in thousands and thousands of pictures on the internet. And the yellow star? It was what Jews were forced to wear in German occupied territory so they could be easily identified. Thousands of pictures online.

Again Zara apologized. Again they said we didn’t know, we’re so sorry, it was a mistake. Of course all that came after social media was on fire day and night to boycott Zara.

Frankly, we don’t care what Zara says nor how much they apologize. We are done with them unless they come up with something other than an apology which only came when they realized there were about to be ostracized worldwide.

The only way that we, the little peeps, can make a dent in those gigantic companies is with our feet and wallets. We hope that you bite the bullet, walk into a store, tell them why you are no longer shopping there and then walk out as a proud Jew.

Did anyone see the ads in our local paper telling us that we can buy houses in the US for 70% off the retail price? Wait, there’s more. You can buy up to 10 properties for almost nothing and make $30,000 a month in rental fees. Go know.

Can we talk? Nothing in this world is for free except maybe the air you are breathing right now. This could be the mother-of-all-scams. May we suggest if you want to buy a house you call a real estate agent? Doink.

People in Israel are seething at Netanyahu. They feel he did not finish the job and that hamas is simply rearming and will start the whole business over again once they feel they can go for a lengthy period of time.

As for the people in gaza? Not one arab country gives a rats about them. As for reconstructing? Who exactly is minding the store there to make sure the infrastructure gets rebuilt? Guess what? Netanyahu should have finished the job and retaken gaza.

Guess what the most popular name in Oslo Norway is? Mohammed. No comment.

Did you know that JP Morgan and four other banks are said to have been hacked by Russians who stole gigabytes of customer data? To give you an idea of the breadth of this theft, one gigabyte is about a million pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 paper, using a 10 point font. The attack led to the theft of account information that could be used to drain funds, as well as taking sensitive information from employee computers.

In case you didn’t know, when Russia is in a cold war with their ‘friends’, as they now are with the United States, they don’t only give you the cold shoulder to make their point. They also use criminals to hit back at adversaries in cyberspace. Stay tuned to this one. It could be getting much bigger than what we just wrote. By now you must have heard about the nine-year old who accidentally killed her gun instructor. The last five words in that sentence tell the story of the United States. She was being taught to shoot some kind of gun when her instructor gave her a machine gun to try. We guess she’s a slight girl and she lost control of the gun. The result was the death of the the instructor.

The NRA’s (National Rifle Association) favorite line is that people kill people. Guns don’t kill people. After this episode, they may have to sing another tune. The gun killed the instructor because a nine year old girl has no business even touching a gun, let alone using one.

Here’s a tidbit that will interest quite a few people reading Blanche. Did you know that the hip people in New York are moving as far away from Williamsburg, which used to be the hip off-Manhattan place to live? And do you know where they are moving? Crown Heights.

In the past little while, rents have jumped by astronomical amounts and the price of a house has rise 58% in just this year. Unfortunately for those wanting to move there, the hip dudes have rendered Crown Heights almost completely out of the price range of a normal people.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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