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As we said in the last, oh, ten Blanche reports, every single day there are power failures in Quebec. 99% of the time they are due to 'equipment failure'. It is a generic term for the power grids endless failures in this province. And we mean endless.

It is indicative of the above story - grafts, bribery, stealing, not being accountable, false tendering to companies that don't or could never do the work. Ergo, a power company that is probably still working with equipment from the 1970's.

Here are some tips if you live in la belle province:

a) Don't stock your freezer. You never know when the power will go out - and it will - nor do you know for how long.

b) Don't buy an electric car. If you need it charged again you never know when you will have power so gas is your best option.

c) Always have your gas tank half filled as when the power goes out the gas stations don't work.

d) Always have cash in your house. Again, when the power goes out you can't take money out of the ATM machines.

e) This you can't control but knowledge is power. When there is a power failure, planes can't land in Montreal. So make sure when you fly to always take extra food with you because you never know when you will be diverted to a place like Gander Newfoundland, you'll have food for the extra two hour trip.

Here's a light-bulb moment: How about doing maintenance on the ever failing hydro equipment? What a revelation.

We are guessing that of every dollar you contribute to Quebec's taxes, maybe, just maybe, 15 cents go to maintenance of everything from roads to Hydro.

The rest? Into the pockets of corrupt french canadian politicians who hide behind and keep the language laws alive to keep their own lifestyle afloat. Dr. Pepper, where are you when we need you?

If you thought that bribery, graft and money in socks was something, wait till you read this.

It turns out that the sale of the old Montreal Children's Hospital was crooked from top to bottom, start to finish. So much from learning from the Charbonneau commission looking into corruption in Quebec. Un joke la.

The reporter who broke the story couldn't get any information using the access to information request filed by her paper, the Montreal Gazette. She did manage to find out that the company selected to get the hospital land was a numbered company.

The MUHC (McGill University Health Center) together with the provincial government and who knows who else with their fingers in the pot - swore up and down that the numbered company they were selling the land to complied with all standards and procedures.

They went so far as to issue a news release saying the sale followed a 'rigorous tendering and analysis process."

Problem is, when this was announced in November 2015 the numbered company didn't exist. Ooops.

The new REM is another fiasco here. It is a light rail going around Montreal and suburbs that was supposed to cost $10 billion. It's now up to $36 billion and counting. Now that's a lotta money in socks and underwear.

Welcome to Cuba/Quebec peeps - where nothing gets done here with shmearing, stealing and bribing. And when it does get done, it's usually with inferior materials. Ergo, our never-ending roadwork and potholes. Quebec sais faire - Quebec knows how to do it. They sure do Blanche.

The only way Bud Light can recover its reputation is to stay silent and allow people, over time, to forget how dumb they are. Unfortunately, they are not capable of doing that.

Their July 4th message was the following:

"Today, we honor our veterans and the 44,000 scholarships awarded to their families. … Service never stops, and neither will we.”

The veterans they are referring to are for the most part dead. Some are still alive but have disabilities. So what's wrong with their ad?

They have been accused of using using dead soldiers to try to rehabilitate their image after the Mulvaney fiasco. As one ex-Bud drinker said, “Using dead soldiers to try to dig back from their stupidity is beyond disgusting." Nasty.

Ok. You thought you heard it all with the transgender, woke bs. You didn't. The latest completely idiotic, totally off the wall word is called chestfeeding. Got that? We will write it again: chestfeeding.

Now guess who coined this word? No less than the CDC - Center for Disease Control. They are the organization that kept us 'safe' during covid by keeping kids home from school for 2 years. Or by making sure no country dropped their covid restrictions two years after covid ended again to keep us 'safe'.

Here is their quote: "Transgender and nonbinary-gendered individuals may give birth and breastfeed or feed at the chest (chestfeed)". They didn't stop there. Nope, They dug a deeper hole for themselves:

“An individual does not need to have given birth to breastfeed or chestfeed. Some families may have other preferred terminology for how they feed their babies, such as nursing, chestfeeding, or bodyfeeding.

Can people just shut-up? Who cares how you feed your baby? You need a word for giving him or her a bottle? Unless you hold your baby upside or backwards, there's no other way to feed your kid except by holding them close to your chest.

All of this to say if you thought the world was short of idiots, you are wrong.

Valerie Plante's legacy will be that she decimated, destroyed and wrecked downtown Montreal. All by herself. One year at a time. Slowly and painfully.

Again this year St. Catherine Street, the one and only main thoroughfare downtown is going to be dug up. Why? For bigger sidewalks and to enhance Madame Plante's already huge ego.

You read this here first: She will turn out to be Montreal's worst mayor ever. And then, as all politicians do, she will walk away unscathed and unaccountable, leaving the city to fend for itself.

And if you don't believe that she has a big EGO just look at the picture here. I. HAVE. ARRIVED. She's worse than feh. She's has an over-exaggerated sense of her own self worth and that is the kiss of death.

We are not conspiracy theorists, but we have to say something about the endless power failures, 99% of which occur in the west end of Montreal, which happens to be useless when it comes to votes for the czar legault.

The over a million or so people in Montreal don't and won't vote for him.

Unless we hear otherwise, we believe that these power failures are targeted, continuous punishment for not voting for his royal highness.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

PS: We downloaded Threads.

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