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Nothing like an election to bring out the worst in politicians, especially those who want to stay in power. czar legault has given up on everyone having their own doctor. Clearly that's not happening which of course he knew from the second he opened his mouth and said it.

Instead, legault is creating yet another army of dense, money-sucking (from your tax dollars) bureaucrats to man a new portal to be called Votre santé. It will be 'launched' gradually starting this year - a crock - should the CAQ get re-elected Oct. 3.

According to the czar it would become a “one-stop shopping” option for Quebecers seeking all forms of medical care. If you believe one letter of that last sentence, we have swampland to sell you in Florida. Let's start with there are no doctors for any one-stop shop. He's talking out of his rear-end.

Nothing of the sort is happening. He's making hollow promises that he never intends to fulfill. We keep wondering who actually believes him. We are guessing that the more remote you are in Quebec, the worse your medical care is. Now this? Does no one need a doctor in the 'regions'?

Wait it gets better. The goal would be for the site to be accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone with an option to use your phone if you don't have internet or can't use it. And all this by 2026. In other words, nothing has even been started yet. It's all pie in the sky.

If anyone has flown on Air Canada recently, no doubt they have seen their new safety video. Whoever produced this gem of a truly Canuck video sold AC a bill of goods and walked away with millions of your tax dollars. If you are a an indigenous person, or like yoga, or perhaps you are a fisherman, this video is for you. If you are flying on a plane and never put on a seat belt, good luck.

To try to describe it can only be done with examples: If, G-d forbid, your plane is going to crash in the old video they tell you to put your head down and hug your legs. In this video there are bridge chairs (see above) with people doing yoga bent over in some pretzel position that unless you weigh 90 pounds soaking wet you will never achieve. Who can bend over sitting on a chair and have their head touch their ankles?

The second example is even better. In the old video if the plane was going to hit water they showed you how to lean over and get your lifejacket from under your seat. In this video? Some fisherman is putting on this 'lifejacket' while his boat is bobbing along in the ocean.

We especially liked the flight crew marching along the tundra. As well, the two-point seat belt is exhibited by a dogsled passenger in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Imagine a Parisian watching this video? They already think Canadians are farmers. Now they know for sure. FYI - the picture above is from the video. It's the yoga peeps showing you what to do if your plane is crashing. Hehehehehehehe.

Slowly but surely, all the extreme measures taken during covid are going to be revealed as damaging and exaggerated. And it is only now that people are starting to pay the price. This goes for those who still want to - like Justin - keep us 'safe'. Nothing to do with covid. Purely saving face.

It seems - quel surprise - that keeping kids home from school for a whole year (or more in many democratic states) was very detrimental to their education. They haven't even gotten to the social aspect yet.

It is now coming to light that the pandemic erased two decades of progress in math and reading. New numbers showed test scores plummeted as children were kept home from school during the pandemic, the largest decline in reading in 30 years and the first decline ever in mathematics.

We will concede that the schools had to shut down for a while. But not for a year or more. It was overkill by people who knew they made bad decisions but didn't want to admit it.

Blanche, have you heard anything about blm lately? We are referring to black lives matter. You know, the big words painted on the street in front of Trump's building in Manhattan to give him a zetz? That's like giving someone the middle finger.

As we wrote previously, this organization is corrupt from top to bottom. It was a perfect ruse to extract money from bleeding-heart white liberals who thought they were 'saving' black people. Turns out they were funding the personal lifestyles of the black leaders of said organization.

Black lives matter leaders last week sued an executive of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (GNF) on charges of syphoning $10 million in donations to the organization for use as his own “personal piggy bank.” What? The money didn't go to help black people?

Here's the scoop peeps: blm was never ever going to help black people. It was an organization that used the death of George Floyd to extract money from save-the-whales-trees-ducks-and-turtle people. To help people better themselves you don't give them a fish. You teach them to fish so they can do it themselves and eventually don't need you. Next.

Great Britain has another woman prime minister. Good for them. Her name is Liz (Mary Elizabeth) Truss and she is 47 years old. . She beat a very good looking, very rich Rishi Sunak who is currently foreign secretary, taking over from Boris Johnson.

Little is known about her policies except that it appears she is very pro Israel, always a good thing. Time will tell what on that account.

If you think we are kidding when we say Justin and his government have not the faintest clue what they are doing when it comes to covid mandates, here ya go:

A few weeks ago the Department of Health said Canadians should be vaccinated every nine months. A few days ago, NACI - The National Advisory Committee on Immunization said Canadians should consider getting vaccinated - get this one Blanche - about every 90 days. Nobody, absolutely nobody is home in Canada's health department.

The mask mandate on planes is a perfect example of that. We are traveling and almost the only place in the world where covid is even mentioned is Canada. Everywhere else it is done. Over. Finished. Wait. Except for China where they are still locking down entire cities.

Justin is using covid to hide behind many of the real issues plaguing Canadians and whoever is advising him to do that is proving to any half-thinking person that Canada's pretty-boy prime minister is nothing but a buffoon. We look ridiculous to the rest of the world.

One more thing about Justin and the health department. He often appears wearing a black cloth mask. Does no one there know that cloth masks filter nothing? While they make look good, especially in black, no one is being protected from anything. Wait. Maybe he wants to look like Zorro?

If he really meant what he said, Justin would be wearing a blue surgical mask. But Blanche, don't you know he doesn't look so handsome in that ugly mask? And really, what's more important to Justin than how he looks?

We'll talk...

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