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Bye Bye Miss American Pie…(and chocolate cake)

In our never-ending quest to, shall we delicately say, lose some of our ‘baby fat’ (hehehehe) and of course be healthier (yawn, what else is new), we are embarking on a personal challenge – to be able to bicycle all over Montreal by the summer. That means of course getting into shape and we are not talking pears.

As such, we have asked an exercise aficionado to take us on as a project, kind of like a pet. You know, be strict but don’t beat us, reward when warranted etc. A cheering section from the Blanche Report would be wonderful, although we will not share intimate details such as our weight (perish the thought). Rather, we will keep you abreast of our exercise progress. Should you wish to join this project, feel free to do so in the comments at the end of the email:) If you believe the polls, Quebec is on its way to being the capital of all the banana republics in the world. Princess pauline seems to have surged ahead in popularity, seemingly guaranteeing a majority government. This has no doubt put Couillard and the entire liberal party into a major tizzy.

Blanche is not yet panicking. This particular poll is an internet poll, not human to human, much easier to skew. As well, in the last election everyone predicted the liberals would be obliterated and they got 50 seats. As well, no one predicted that the NDP would score so high in Quebec in the last federal election. So we can calm down a bit. However…

If Couillard does not find some leadership skills and a few very capable people to surround himself with in the next very short while, he will take what appears to be a sinking ship to the bottom of the river – with no life jackets. We suggest that he ask our very outspoken mayor, Denis Corderre to help him. Corderre is a seasoned politician and the only one not afraid of Marois. He will not re- act – rather he will go on the offensive. Someone has to take the reigns of the upcoming election race and switch around the dynamics from the PQ to the liberals. If anyone has Couillard’s number, could they please call him and give him this message?

What’s up with CJAD’s website? Were they hacked by princess pauline? They’ve been offline for days and have said almost nothing about it on the air. Strange…

Vice President Joe Biden needs a filter for his mouth. Either that or someone right beside him with a piece of masking tape at the ready. Recently he claimed that if you blindfolded a person and put them in New York’s LaGuardia airport they would feel like they were “in a third-world country.” He may be right but as the vice president of the United States of America one would think that if he needed to make such a derogatory comment, someone in his entourage could have contacted the general manager of the airport directly.

Jinnah International airport in in Karachi, Pakistan is in a third world country and zut alors, has a third world airport, ranking 146 out of 186 in some airport list. So does Ethiopia as it too is a third world country.

If Biden had done his homework, he would have known that La Guardia airport was constructed in 1947 and handles about 25 million passengers per year. How about being that being the cause of most of LaGuardia’s problems — the airport just isn’t equipped to handle the traffic. There’s talk of a $3.5 billion expansion, but that’s a long time away. Best advice for Biden? Stay away and stay quiet.

Be happy you’re not living in New Jersey. Wait! Some people who read this do live there. Well, now you’ll find out why your streets are so slippery. 40,000 tons of rock salt destined for New Jersey is being held up at a port in Maine by red tape. A spokesman for the government said that there was a ship in Maine that could carry the entire load to the Port of Newark within days but could not do so because it did not sail under an American flag.

An old law enacted in 1920 states that any shipment going directly from one port in the United States to another be carried on vessels built in the United States and operated by an American crew.

Ready for the solution? A large barge was dispatched to retrieve 9,500 tons of salt. It will take several trips to transport all 40,000 tons, which could take weeks. Wait – it gets better. Its first trip has already been delayed by a winter storm pummeling New England, forcing the barge to take refuge in Providence Rhode Island.

Can someone please tell Obama to get involved here? What’s he doing anyway? Or maybe Michelle should try to do something. Oh, but that would mean she would have to cover up her arms with a sweater or even a coat, as it’s pretty cold in New Jersey. She must have a coat dawling. Slip sliden away…

Whether or not Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016 something’s up. She obviously had some work done – very well we might add. Plus she changed her hairdo. Everyone is still sitting around waiting to see if Chris Christie will come out of the GWB scandal unscathed. If he does and she runs it’s gonna be lotsa fun to watch.

We’ll talk…

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