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It will be a nail-biter again tonight. We are referring of course to the Habs playing the Rangers in New York. If our team played like they did the other night, your nails will start growing really quickly as we may lose this series in 4 games. Oy – are we sounding negative?  Stop that Blanche!

Maybe the new rookie goalie will stop some shots. And maybe the team will score some goals instead of hitting the goalpost or missing altogether. Keep the faith dude. Go Habs Go!

Can we talk about bicycles? Really talk? We don’t know about you, but very often while driving we will be faced with a kamikaze cyclist. You know the kind that shoots you a dirty look because you are actually driving a car, polluting the world, spending money on gas and most importantly, in his or her way. They blow through stops signs and red lights as though those signals don’t exist, which of course they do. What really gets us is the amount of cyclists who do not wear helmets. That’s like playing russian roulette with your brain.

In one of Montreal’s suburbs (the Plateau), they are putting in another 20 km of bike lanes to the tune of $1 million. Don’t dream about taking your car there or if you do, be prepared to wait for those who feel they are saving the world, whales and trees to whiz by you.

President Barak Obama seems to be hitting rock bottom. He had no luck with Putin and the Ukraine fiasco, veterans are livid with him because it came to light recently that over twenty-three veterans died due to delays in care (which is absolutely disgusting) and his party cannot seem to come to a conclusion on who is running to replace him. So what did he do? He spent the week focusing on sports. Yes, Blanche, you read that correctly. The president of the United States spent the week going from sports event to sports event.

What we want to know is why there are no pictures of Michelle. She’s the sports aficionado, with those pumped arms. Ya think he’ll show up for the Rangers game tonight in New York? We hope not because whenever he goes there his entourage causes the mother of all gridlock. In case you were wondering what ever happened to Edward Snowden, wonder no more. NBC has snagged an in-depth interview with him to be aired on Wednesday May 28. Yes, Snowden is still living in the mother country – Russia.

Perhaps you should not be eating when you read this next piece. Between 16 and 20 million bees swarmed a highway in Delaware after the truck that was carrying hundreds of beehives overturned.

First of all, who knew that beehives went anywhere by truck? Second of all, if they are transporting millions of bees, don’t you think they should have a net or some extra protection in case something like this happens. Imagine driving along the highway with your window open, singing away when suddenly you’re driving into a wall of angry, thirsty and tired bees? Ich and ouch.

Does the name Jill Abramson ring a bell? She was the editor of the NY Times who was abruptly fired a couple of weeks ago. There was lots of speculation as to why she was let go. Today, one of the more plausible reasons was touted.

When she went into that position, one of the eight newsroom masthead editor jobs was held by a woman. By the time she was let go, five of those eight positions were held by a woman and she was in the process of hiring a sixth.

We are not accusing anyone of anything, but it just doesn’t look good to hire people because of their gender. People should be hired – both men and women – by their performance, experience and ability.

Abramson will surface soon, no doubt with a fantastic job somewhere, paying tons of money. Then she’ll sue, then she’ll write a book, then she’ll be very, very rich!

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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