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Canada is Collateral Damage

In NYC police are searching for a group of men who are behind no less than 28 robberies. Since the end of May, groups of hooded young men surround people getting out of their cars, forcing them to hand over their jewellery  cash, cell phones, credit cards and the keys to their car. So far, the police have been unable to get a handle on these dudes. The robberies have taken place in the Bronx, upper Manhattan, and Queens.

Then there’s the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago which has had no less than 43 shootings. That means you are driving your car and beside or behind you, someone is shooting at another car. Getting caught in the crossfire is a very real possiblity.

Seems that defund the police, taking a knee and blm are having an effect on law and order down south. Perhaps if some of the people ‘taking a knee’ or wanting to defund the police are robbed at knifepoint by five or six men or accidentally shot at, they will begin singing a different tune. Just saying.

So the US did not reciprocate and open their borders to us Canucks. Not a nice thing to do to your neighbors. It appears that we may be collateral damage. Seems the US doesn’t want the Mexican border to open and perhaps because of the new NAFTA, we are tied together with Mexico, even though our borders are thousands of miles away and we don’t have hundreds of thousands of immigrants trying to get into our country.

President Biden has nominated a new US ambassador to Canada – David Cohen. Maybe we’ll have someone to talk to if he ever gets the job and moves here – before August 21. The funny thing is, we in Canada seem to have a much better handle on the pandemic than they do in the US.

One thing we can say with certainty – the 13 states that border Canada – Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Alaska – are very not happy about this and have made their feelings felt to their president. Let’s see if the pressure will budge their government.

There was a massive worldwide internet outage today. The techies are telling us that it was not ransomware, rather some new software was introduced and it caused the issue. Sounds very fishy. Airlines, banks, Amazon, the Tokyo olympics, 911 and banks went down when services from U.S.-based cloud company Fastly went down. This same company was responsible for another giant outage this past June. Fastly provides a technology known as a Content Delivery Network, or CDN, a highly distributed network used to reduce the distance between a server and a user, thus accelerating website loading speeds.

You can be very sure the bad guys know this company controls massive parts of the internet. Let’s see what they say in a day or two. If they were hacked, it will not be a good thing.

Not that this makes a difference to anyone’s life, but Eizabeth May was head of the Green Party for 13 years, from 2006-2019. For the past few months, she remained irresponsibly silent in the face of the vicious infighting .

Finally, a day ago, she found her voice. Too little, too late. She told her party to pull together before the anticipated election. Really? Now she’s waking up? The fighting has gotten so bad that the party is going to court to try to overturn a decision by an independent arbitrator to shut down a non-confidence vote on Annamie Paul’s future as leader.

One has to wonder what kind of legacy Elizabeth May is going to have after the dust settles. Our guess is not much of one.

Be very happy you don’t live in Tokyo. Not only are you completely shut out of the olympics because they have zero fans in the stands, but you have to pay gzillions of dollars for hosting them. Frankly, except for the athletes, who gives a rats about the olympics this year. We won’t say or any year but think it.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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