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Cirque de Soleil and Airline Bathrooms. Yes Blanche, there is a connection.

Everybody calm down and stop worrying that we’ll have to look at that idiot grin again. There’s no way on earth that Hillary is running for president in 2020, despite many websites saying that she’s raising money for said run. She’s the reason the democrats lost in 2016 and there’s no way they want a repeat performance.

Nonetheless, there’s no one else even remotely on the horizon to lead the party which is split in two with the Bernie/socialist faction against the Hollywood liberal, save-the-whale, #metoo peeps. The very last thing they need now is Hillary Clinton. Insiders must be having nightmares just thinking she may resurface.

It is nothing short of a miracle that all 12 boys and their coach who were trapped in a mine in Thailand about 2.5km underground were saved. Getting them out was almost an impossible feat. We found out today, something we suspected, that the boys were given a mild tranquillizer before starting the five hour journey out of the mine.

Scuba diving is not for the faint of heart. Couple that with pitch black darkness, slimy water which is very deep and passageways that a toothpick would have trouble fitting through and you have a recipe for an unbelievable movie.

Get his Blanche: Delta Air Lines announced that starting today they will ban “pit bull-type” dogs as service and emotional support animals on flights. Seriously – pit bulls are emotional support animals? That’s rather a stretch, wouldn’t you say? And yet, those tree-huggers are at it again, getting petitions online to go up against Delta airlines.

We would not be very comfortable sitting on a plane with a pit bull ready to pounce and take a huge bite out of our thigh if we made a wrong move against its owner.

We know you won’t believe this, but airline bathrooms are getting smaller. Blanche, have you ever tried to maneuver in one of those micro-mini slots they call a loo? Literally, it’s like being in a phone booth and pretending you’re superman – except that you’re not superman.

Imagine, shall we delicately say, a robust person trying to use the facilities? They would need skill sets from the cirque du Soleil.

There are rumours afloat that no less than 11 big box stores will be closing their doors this year. Sears and JC Penny are no brainers. Some of the others include Barnes and Noble, Foot Locker, Office Depot, GNC (we would like to meet one person who ever bought a thing in that store) and Payless Shoes.

President Trump was rather blunt today when asked how to solve the immigrant issue. “Tell people not to come to our country illegally. That’s the solution. Come like other people do. Come legally.” He’s right.

Boris Johnson resigned from Theresa May’s cabinet yesterday. He feels that she is not properly exiting the EU, keeping Britain kind of tied in with them. Johnson wants a clean break as well as getting rid of May and becoming Prime Minister himself. He definitely has plans.

May is caught between a rock and a hard place. If she leaves the EU entirely, her country will have to go it alone in Europe. And if she even partially stays, she will and has already upset the hard-core brexiters. We don’t envy her.

The soccer World Cup is coming to a close with the final teams vying to play the championship game. Can we talk? Those soccer fans are out of their minds. Especially the ones from England. Obviously they have nothing to do with their lives or they have had one too many soccer balls hit their heads.

What’s the point of trashing cities when your team wins? No point. We are guessing that the authorities in England will put some kind of tight curfew on the country tomorrow when they play Croatia to see who gets to the last game.

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