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Here's an eternal adage: actions have consequences and here's one of them:

On Monday, the part of the NDP motion passed with Liberal support called to “cease the further authorization and transfer of arms exports to Israel to ensure compliance with Canada’s arms export regime".

Now let's say you are in the Israeli government, vetting gazans who have family in Canada, which in fact the case.

Israel is vetting a list of palestinians who have applied to join family members in Canada through a reunification program introduced by Ottawa in January, an initiative intended to help people in Gaza reach safety in Canada.

Even our immigration minister, Marc Miller said on Wednesday that it would be “naive” to think the motion just passed against Israel will have no consequences for the family reunification program.

In essence, denying the pittance of arms Canada was sending to Israel will have much graver consequences than they ever imagined on people trying to get here. Good morning America.

And now for Anthony Housefather. If you have been reading this blog, you will know that for about the last six months we have been asking how in the world he could stay in the liberal party when all he did was stand alone not voting with his party, excuse them or not agree with many of their policies.

It is very clear to most people that the liberal party of today is a far, far cry from the liberal party Anthony belonged to in his teens. It has become uber-left, uber-climate change bs, uber woke and of late, uber the 'poor palestinians'. That last description has led them down a path to forsake the one and only democratic country in the middle east.

Not once in the past few days did we hear the following questions asked: why aren't the other arab countries coming to the rescue of their brothers in gaza? Where are they? Why isn't Egypt opening its border? Why is this Israel's problem? Why should Israel stop fighting when all hamas has to do to end this war is release the hostages?

Narry a word. Blame Israel. Dump on Israel.

While Anthony wasn't looking, the conservative party has morphed into the centrist party, basically where the liberals were twenty or thirty years ago.

His reflecting on his future is not rocket science. If he wants to remain true to his essence, then he cannot stay in liberal party. The big question is where does he land.

He can sit as an independent and hope the next liberal leader will look more kindly at him. But even if that happens, the policies of what is now the liberal party are not changing. Woke to the nth degree.

He can cross the floor and go to the conservative party where he will be assured a cabinet position in the next election. Yes he will be vilified by the liberals, but that will pass and he will move on.

Whatever he decides to do, he should do it sooner than later. We also believe that if he does move to the Conservative party, he will win as people are absolutely despise the liberal party.

Kategate? Seriously? It's enough already.

It's time to leave her alone and way past the time for Buckingham palace to end the secrecy which is fueling the social media frenzy. They don't get it? Fess up. What was wrong with her?

Yesterday somebody tried to access her medical information from the private hospital where she had her surgery.

It's time for the Royals to get Kate and William to do an interview and show the world she's alive and well.

End of story, end of social media frenzy. It's pretty simple but the 'firm' aka Royals are digging their heels in and won't talk. Dumb move.

This is what is happening in America thanks to their come-on-down policy:

Ohio state Representative Ismail Mohamed delivered his victory speech entirely in Somali on Tuesday night following his win in the Democratic primary for the state's 3rd House District.

Mohamed, an immigrant from Somalia, won the primary by a landslide, defeating both Abdirizak Diini - a fellow Somali immigrant - and Julia Trabold, an area political activist.

Mohamed was the district's incumbent representative. He first won election in 2022, becoming the state's first Somali lawmaker - alongside Munira Abdullahi, who represents the state's 9th District.

And this is what muslims want and are getting. They are moving in slowly but surely. They have the patience of a rock. They will wait it out for a generation or two or three, whatever it takes for them to take over.

Back to the Housefather/NDP/Liberal saga.

Sorry to say that Tom Mulcair is not always right, much as he thinks he is.

Last year he said, multiple times, that Justin would be calling an election. First it was in the spring, then a summer election. Clearly Justin wasn't listening to him.

Now Mulcair is saying with great conviction tinged with the same contempt Justin has for Housefather, that there's no way Poilievre would take someone like Housefather who has been a liberal his whole life. We didn't see his crystal ball.

Mulcair's ndp party is disgusting. Three geniuses of his party came into the house of commons wearing kayfias. These people are the ultimate woke, tree-hugging bs'ers.

Heather McPherson - the ndp writer of the motion began her speaking with a quote from a gazan: ‘If I must die, you must live to tell my story.’ Those are the words of Refaat Alareer, who was killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza on December 6,"

What about the 1200 men, women and children murdered in Israel? Who is telling their stories? What about the hundreds of young people hunted down in a field at the Nova festival by animals called hamas? What about the hostages? What about the constant terrorist attacks in Israel?

The ndp party together with jagmeet singh should implode. They are a blight in the world.

In the end, the NDP didn’t get what they wanted. The Liberals deleted the clause calling for Palestinian statehood, and a majority of MPs passed a watered-down motion calling vaguely for a “just and lasting peace.” They did vote to stop sending canoes and rowboats to Israel.

The icing on the cake and the last straw for Anthony, was the standing ovation Heather McPherson received, started by Melanie Joly, your foreign minister. A standing ovation? There are not enough adjectives for the word gross.

We can say one thing about Anthony: He is a man of his convictions, but if he goes back to the liberal party he will lose every shred of credibility he has.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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