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Colin Kaepernick Should Make His Own Flag and Then Move With It To Start His Own Personal Fairy Land

Colin Kaepernick of ‘I won’t stand for the national anthem’ fame is back in the news. Turns out his objective wasn’t just kneeling for the national anthem. Quel surprise. He has told Nike to lose the flag on the back of their running shoes, two days before July 4 no less, because he didn’t like the innuendo, crying that it represents slavery.

Can we talk? The current flag also represents slavery. As do many museums and statues in the United States. Does he want to erase history? What should the Jews do who were slaves in Egypt for over 200 years? Go back to Egypt and demand money?

Nike sells lots of shoes and Kaepernick helps them sell said shoes. Ergo, when this dude asks Nike to jump, they will immediately ask how high.

If Kaepernick and his friends so bitterly hate their country, it’s time to move. Get out and take your self-serving attitude with you. Feh.

The Democratic Party has some serious issues to deal with, among them the woman who loves to be called AOC – Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. What she loves more than her name though, is to be in the news, to have her picture plastered all over social media. Doesn’t matter what she has to do to get attention as long as she gets it.

Her latest edict may come back to haunt her as she’s starting up with the wrong people – immigration officials. She took it upon herself to tour the facilities holding illegal immigrants in the south saying, “They are drinking toilet water”. Is she an idiot? Indeed Blanche, she is.

It gets better. She took a picture of herself ostensibly against a fence on the border, crying. Turns out the fence was in a parking lot and she faked the cry.

As long as the Democratic Party does not get a handle on her, they are doomed as she is going to have to keep upping the ante to garner attention. Eventually, she is going to start turning people off just by her presence, a la Hillary Clinton.

So far, the biggest loser after the democratic debates seems to be Zaidy Bernie, grandfather of turning the United States into a socialist country. It also seems, as most people except it seems, Bernie know, that one must prepare for debates. Spouting what you say at rallies won’t cut it. Who knew?

Biden’s numbers are also not good, in some polls dropping ten points, in other polls virtually tied with Kamala Harris who did well, eviscerating Biden with her story of being the little girl bused to school during segregation.

Here’s a surprise: Harris walked back picking up her hand to abolish private health care. No kidding. That’s nothing short of the kiss of death. It is going to be a very interesting fight to the finish to garner the democratic presidential nomination. Who do the candidates pander to? The far left socialists with the loudest most obnoxious voices? So far, that’s where they are heading.

Justin Trudeau did not fare well at the G7 in Osaka. Aside from being snubbed by world leaders, even before he got off the ground he was grounded.

A reporter got a picture of him and Sophie leaving for their trip. So far so good. What they also caught in the pictures was Trudeau’s briefcase, replete with stickers. Yes dear, the kind that children put on their schoolbags. Can we talk?

Stickers are cute. His socks are cute. His kids are cute. Being the leader of a country is not cute. It’s serious business. He just doesn’t get it.

Trudeau was relying on Trump to speak with the Chinese president regarding the two Canadians held in a Chinese jail. Trump never talked about Meng Wanzhou, the reason the two Canadians are being held.

Trudeau seems to have found out at the G7 that the relationship with China is strained. Took a while, but he finally got it. Good luck to those two dudes.

While you may not like Trump’s photo op with Kim Jong Un as he walked into North Korea, there is definitely something to be said with keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

The adage you get more with honey than a smack also works here. Trump’s detractors think he entered North Korea simply for the publicity. While he certainly likes to be in the limelight, it was also a very smart move to spontaneously, or as spontaneously he could, meet with Kim Jong.

Old-fashioned diplomacy with North Korea has not worked until now. Coupled with the fact that Trump doesn’t do business like other politicians because, get this Blanche, he’s not a politician, his instincts here seem to be working.

We think that while both countries are still wary of each other, this is a step in the right direction to some sort of truce re nuclear arms. The other way didn’t work, so please stop complaining.

We’ll talk…

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