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Curd Your Enthusiasm

We could not resist the above headline, penned by Global News. It refers to Jagmeet Singh’s poutine fiasco ergo curd your enthusiasm.

He was supposed to be doling out poutine in Quebec ahead of tonight’s French debate obviously pandering to the French vote.

But wait. This was not just any poutine. It was a punjabi recipe consisting of cubed sweet potatoes, cheese curds and a gravy made of onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes. Feh. But we digress.

Said truck lost a wheel and Jagmeet’s morning turned from poutine to toast. Seriously, how low can one grovel to garner votes? Clearly, very low. He’s trying to improve the one seat his party got in Quebec last time around. Bon chance.

There are those who are one flake short of a Corn Flake box. Then there are people who are many, many flakes short of that box.

We refer to the French journalist who found herself in the emergency at the Jewish General Hospital. She admitted being perfectly bilingual, which, the last time we looked, means she speaks both French and English proficiently, although French is her mother tongue. So far so good.

Her lapse in judgment came when she complained publicly that a doctor (or doctors) and nurse could not communicate with her in French. It should be noted that one of said doctors was going to be her surgeon.

Can we talk? She’s correct. There’s no doubt that some medical professionals don’t speak French well enough for her. So what should your response be? To post your anger on social media and ask for an investigation at the hospital? No. But that’s what she did.

How about this: Explain that your mother tongue is French and you would very much like to speak to someone who can relate the information given to you in French.

Going after the surgeon who is about to cut you open? A few fries short of a happy meal. And one more thing. Welcome to the world of English speaking Quebecers where even saying hi is frowned upon.

And who started this very distasteful fight?  She can thank the many Quebec governments who have nothing better to do than divide people.

No surprise and no comment: Justin Trudeau is standing by his Kitchener Centre candidate who has been accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour directed at female staffers.

This piece wins the prize of the month, early as it is. Last March, Theresa Tam, Canada’s Public Health doctor quietly received an honorary degree from B.C.’s Simon Fraser University. Yes dearies, this is the same Theresa Tam who flip-flopped almost daily during the height of the current pandemic. This is also the same Theresa Tam that you have not heard a word from in almost a month.

Lest you forget:

…she first advised Canadians not to wear masks only to reverse herself days later.

…she referred to criticism of China for its handling of the coronavirus and lack of transparency regarding the origin and timing of the outbreak as “stigmatization” of an ethnic group

…she would not stop flights coming in from China calling it racist

…in November 2020 she said that 20,000 people per day could get covid

…she said the same thing in February 2021: “with more contagious variants now detected in all provinces, Dr. Theresa Tam says Canada may not be able to avoid a rapid acceleration of daily cases, predicted to hit 20,000 by mid-March, without continued vigilance.”

None of the above ever happened and she never walked back any of her foolish predictions. She is yet another one of Justin Trudeau’s appointees fitting his profile perfectly: Not white and female. Quite the criteria.

Blanche, did you see the flooding in New York and New Jersey? Did you see the water rushing into the subway – like someone opened a dam.

Cars floating on the streets, people at a Bar Mitzvah wading in water over their ankles. In the end, this turned out to be deadly for more than 25 people from Maryland to New York.  Thanks to hurricane Ida for this mess.

This last piece is truly out of this world, as is the person who said it, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

She is blaming yesterday’s horrific floods in New York on bipartisan’ fossil fuel bills. “Fossil fuel corps & dark money is destroying our democracy, country, & planet.” Woah there madame. Take a chill pill. That’s quite the sweeping statement.

If we had to make one prediction it would be that shooting your mouth off as often as she does, doesn’t bode well for her to climb the so-called corporate government ladder. Who would want a shrieking banshee at any of their meetings, let alone out there in public.

Please note: As Rosh Hashana begins this Monday night, the next Blanche will come to your inbox in a week.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our Jewish readers a sweet, healthy and happy New Year.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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