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Separatist czar legault has finally, at long last, shown his true colors. He said, and we quote:

A sovereign Quebec is feasible but would face "big financial challenges". And which financial challenges is he referring to? The billions of dollars in equalization payments from the federal government. No kidding.

This is what he is worried about? He's using the separatist card? All he's doing is fishing for votes from people with a pea-brain.

Here's a headline peeps: He is using this as the biggest fraudulent deflection in our history. He is a self-serving, power-hungry dictator who cares only about being the supreme leader. Good luck to anyone who votes for him. You will get what you deserve. Unfortunately, so will the rest of us.

What we cannot believe in this election campaign is how little is being said by any party leader about our dismal, third-world country healthcare system.

We spoke with a young 20 year old woman who cannot find a doctor. She has no idea where to turn nor who to ask. All she wants is someone to be able to call when she gets sick. Rather, as she wisely said, than taking up space in an emergency room.

Here's another one: Someone needed a cortisone shot and to get it they needed a referral. Try, just try calling any medical office - private or public. You will get an answering machine telling you they will call back in 5-7 business days.

What did one smart woman do? She took herself to the doctor's office, presented herself and, as she is lucky enough to have a doctor, asked for the referral right then and there. She got it.

And this is being pushed under the rug? We will remind you that all the insane and ridiculous curfews and mask mandates here were caused purely by the lack of doctors, nurses and orderlies to take care of patients. The system nearly imploded. And this is not even being discussed? It's off the radar?

This is not the new normal and no one should be accepting what is happening here.

Is there no best before date on Bernie Sanders? There's something to be said about getting old and still being in the game. Zaidy Bernie saying he's seriously thinking about running in the next presidential election is off the charts.

Can we talk? He has about the same chance of becoming president as All in the Family making a comeback in these woke culture days. And in case you think we are kidding, here's one of the tamer quotes by Archie Bunker on the American melting pot. Warning - if you are the least bit woke, don't read it. You may pass out.

“‘Send me your poor, your deadbeats, your filthy…’ And all the nations sent them in here – they come swarming in like ants: the Spanish P.R.s from the Caribbean, your Japs, your Chinamen, your Krauts and your Hebes and your English fags. All of ’em come in here, and they’re all free to live in their own separate sections where they feel safe. And they’ll bust your head if you go in there. That’s what makes America great, buddy.” We digress but you have to admit this was one of the funniest shows ever.

Back to Bernie. If he's so in love with socialism, we suggest he take a one-way ticket back to Russia where he spent his honeymoon and enjoy the politics there.

Democratic cities like San Francisco and New York are dealing with endless numbers of homeless people and escalating crime. In LA people are afraid to go out at night. But Philadelphia took the cake this week.

A mob of 'young' people stormed a convenience store in Philadelphia looting it and then knocking over items and throwing them all over the store before jumping on cars outside the business.

So what is the difference between this incident and all the other storm and grab incidents we have been hearing about?

In this one, the young people were minors. According to police, some of the suspects were possibly as young as 10 years old. From the pictures we saw, there were no white kids there.

Where is black lives matter to take care of these kids? Where are the black leaders? Where is Al Sharpton? Where are the white bleeding heart liberals screaming in sympathy with their black bros?

And most importantly where are the parents of these children?

We'll talk...

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