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Da Veeeerus and Da Curfew

Here’s a headline for the ‘firm’ aka The Queen and Buckingham Palace: Meghan is not Diana. She’s a lot more media savvy, has a husband who is fully supportive of her and she didn’t hang around people who, it’s pretty clear, didn’t feel she was exactly who they wanted Harry to marry.

While she’s not exactly our most favorite person, the fact that the ‘firm’ came out today that they are ‘investigating’ bullying allegations against Meghan smells very badly.

Let’s start with the fact that they waited until three days before the interview with Harry, Meghan and Oprah is going to be aired on Sunday night. One thing is certain: People are really bored, there’s basically no sports to watch and this interview is as juicy as it gets. You can bet your bippy that hundreds of millions of people will be watching.

The timing of the show is nothing short of perfection: 8:00 pm Sunday night (remember The Ed Sullivan Show) – prime time watching. No swearing, no sex, no murders etc. It’s good for the kids and the old folks. And who doesn’t want to know more about Harry and Meghan?

The ‘firm’ is obviously worried that they are not going to come out of this interview looking very good. Sounds like they know what they are talking about.

Updates: …Prince William and Kate will join a rare TV special with the Queen – before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey airs. Seriously? Do they not know that this looks like whatever Harry and Meghan are going to say worse for them and even more people will now watch the interview? We’d say a real English stiff upper lip is needed here.

…Oprah has been asked to postpone the interview because Prince Philip is recovering from heart surgery. As the interview has been sold and will be broadcast in 63 countries, what are the chances of a postponement? Zero.

If you live in Quebec, are you one of the people who feels that Papa Legault is ‘taking care’ of you? Like a loving grandfather who knows what’s in your best interests because you certainly don’t.

We feel that the fact that he kept the only curfew in North America is his way of saving face. The curfew was a purely political move and to stop it now would make him look like he made a mistake and he certainly can’t have that.

Covid numbers are declining all over the world due to two things: herd immunity and more and more people getting vaccinated.

In yesterday’s press conference, Papa Legault said that he is very, very afraid dat da variant of da veeeerus will cause 2000 people a week to get the veeerus. Really? It seems that the variant is less virulent than the original virus and, furthermore, all viruses mutate. So is he saying that every time the veeerus mutates we are going to be locked down?

If that’s his thinking, we will be locked down for the next year or so. Peeps – time to wake up from your coma and start sending emails to your members of the national assembly here in Quebec, saying you are tired of being duped for someone’s political career.

Donald Trump spoke at the CPAC convention on Sunday night and neglected to make a statement about today. We are using the word neglected lightly. It was irresponsible of him not to say something as it is public knowledge that there is a QAnon conspiracy theory that he will be returned to power today, March 4th. Why March 4th? Because before the 20th amendment of the US Constitution was adopted in 1933 and the swearing-in dates of the president and Congress were moved to January, American leaders took office on March 4th.

As unprepared as authorities were for the January 6 storming of Capitol building, is how over-prepared they are now. Washington is nothing short of a fortress and if QAnon or anyone else had any ideas about even walking towards that building, they will be stopped blocks before they could get there.

Given all of the above, Trump should have put an end to this fairytale when he spoke on Sunday at CPAC. He needs to distance himself from those people and so far it appears that as they still adore him, he’s not doing anything of the sort.

Here’s a no-brainer. People living in Montreal are more likely to take the vaccine against covid than those living in ‘rural’ Quebec. We will leave it to our readers educated imagination to figure out why this is the case.

Here’s the riddle for today: Why, all of a sudden, is Air Canada promising to refund passengers whose flights were cancelled due to COVID-19? Come on. Guess. Ok, we’ll tell you.

Because the liberals have promised gzillions of dollars to Air Canada, basically paying them back for those refunds. So, you will get your refund with one hand and pay for it with the other as guess who’s really giving Air Canada money? Yes, Blanche, your tax dollars at work.

Don’t you find it strange that President Biden has yet to give a live news conference? So far, he’s only read from scripts. If his peeps want the public not to think that he is suffering from any kind of dementia, they best get him out there quickly. Unless of course, he is suffering from some kind of dementia.

Here’s a state with kahoonas: The Mississippi House and Senate have voted overwhelmingly to ban biological males from being able to compete against women.

This goes directly against an executive order Biden signed in his first days in office mandating allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports. Thank goodness there are some people in the United States who actually think.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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