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Seems in their irrational quest to get rid of Donald Trump, the democrats are heading down a very ugly path which could come back and bite them you-know-where.

It appears Bernie Sanders is leading the pack of presidential nominees and could actually win the caucuses which start next week. As Zaidy Bernie said himself, “I’m Wall Street’s worst nightmare”.

Seems he’s also Hillary Clinton’s nightmare as she is again voicing, more loudly than the last time, that she may have to run for the presidential nominee. ““Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician,” said Clinton. “It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

What is also very troubling about Bernie is who he is asking to stand in for him while he sits in the Senate during the impeachment hearings. Alexandra Oscasio Cortez. We will remind you yet again that her dream is to turn the United States into Mother Russia. That the rich who own businesses should hand them over to the state and the poor.

What she chooses to forget or, even worse, has no clue about, is that many of those businesses, including Apple and Walmart, were started by one person who worked hard and succeeded. What she also fails to recall or chooses to ignore, is that in countries that have dictatorships, there are a few people at the top who live like kings while the rest of the ‘little people’ live like dogs.

No doubt she considers herself in the king section. Certainly not in the dog section, lining up for bread and other staples of life with the plebs. Be very careful what you wish for.

Regarding the impeachment trial, Friday will be the day the senate votes to see if they will call witnesses. The Democrats do not want Hunter Biden to be called and Trump doesn’t want John Bolton to be called. Stalemate.

Trump and Netanyahu signed a Middle East peace agreement today. It is realistic, acknowledging Israel will not uproot Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria, both of which were part of Biblical Israel; it does not divide the capital of Jerusalem, and it does not accept the Palestinian Arabs’ “right of return,” which would destroy the Jewish state.

Two Arab states – Oman and the United Arab Emirates backed the plan.

Israel will retain 20% of the areas of Judea and Samaria while giving up an area in the Negev near the Gaza-Egypt border.

The the Palestinian Arabs will have the option of creating a state comprised of the remaining 80% of Judea and Samaria in four years but only if the Palestinian Arabs accept the plan Palestinian Authority stops paying terrorists and inciting terror, and Hamas and Islamic Jihad put down its weapons. Mahmoud Abbas rejected the plan. No shocker there.

One has to feel sorry for Queen Elizabeth. First Andrew gets into trouble with the sordid Epstein affair and takes ten steps back from anything public, then Harry and Meghan dump her for a different kind of life. And now, Andrew is back in the headlines, again with his supposed non-ties to Epstein. She just can’t catch a break.

The FBI and New York prosecutors have reached out to the illustrious prince and his attorneys to tell them what exactly he knew about the young teenage girls he was seen with at Epstein’s house in New York. They have yet to receive any assistance from him. In their words – zero cooperation. Quel surprise.

Ding. Ding. Ding. This is the winner of the day. Canada’s Middle Class Prosperity Minister has no clue on the official way to measure who is in the middle class. Blanche, this position, created by our very airy, now bearded Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has given the minister, Ms. Mona Fortier the cushiest job in the world of cushy jobs. Imagine – you have a minsistry and you don’t know who belongs to it, what to do with it, how to define it and as per her words: “Canada has no official statistical measure of what constitutes the middle class.”

The air pocket between Trudeau’s ears, which allows things to flow in and out freely, has grown considerably.

It’s pretty evident that there is no love lost between Valerie Plante, Montreal’s mayor and Sue Montgomery, mayor of the borough of CDN/NDG. In fact, they appear to be in what is termed in the male world as a contest. Someone please get them some towels. Blanche, gross. 

Plante issued a decree that Montgomery was to fire her chief of staff. Montgomery wouldn’t do that without seeing the report about said person. She was given a verbal synopsis of said report and Ms Sue doesn’t like that. No doubt she is also ticked off because she can no longer knit at council meetings as she has been turfed from the party.

As is known by people who read this blog, Montgomery has what is termed ‘an attitude’. It appears that her ‘attitude’ got under the skin of the ever-smiling Plante who wields more power than Madame Montgomery. It’s not rocket science to see how Ms. Sue, with whom we had a conversation where she was, shall we say, less than gracious bordering on pompous, gets herself into piles of trouble. Right now round one goes to Plante. Oh yes, if anyone needs extra wool for knitting, we’re pretty sure Ms. Montgomery can help you out.

We’ll talk…

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