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Do You Know What Diet Stands For? Did I Eat That?

Here are some startling statistics from the Wall Street Journal: In PA in 2016, 80,674 Democrats switched to Republican while 28,522 Republicans switched to Democrats.

However much people may dislike Trump, they cannot stomach the thought of four more years of Obama, morphed into  Hillary. Obama has cleared his October calendar to campaign for Hillary. Cause he loves her so much? Not a chance. He knows very well that his legacy is at stake here. If she loses, Trump will make mincemeat out of him. It’s also interesting to note that although Obama has a positive rating of over 50%, those numbers are not translating into support for Hillary.

White males are voting for Trump in droves. That could prove an issue for Hillary as 63% of America is white while 12% are Hispanic and 16% are black. If you add both of those numbers together it doesn’t come close to the amount of people supporting Trump.

In the end, after all is said and done, people are simply fed up with the status quo. They want someone different, someone who will not promise them the sun, moon and stars and then deliver a bag of potato chips because they know what’s best for the plebs. They want someone who says it like it is, no matter how much like Archie Bunker it sounds. Seasoned politicians best sit up and take note. Life as they know it is over.

In case you were wondering, Hillary has not had a press conference in 236 days. She will not go out without a script and teleprompter.

Who is even more apoplectic about Trump than the democrats? His own party. The ‘establishment’ has totally shunned him. How ironic that they are probably quietly rooting for Hillary. If Trump does manage to pull this off, they will be in the political wilderness for at least four years.

Here’s another genius – the pope. On Wednesday he said that “the world is at war” as he addressed the slaying of a Catholic priest by radical Islamists in France, but he stressed it was not a war of religion.

Slaying? They cut his head off. Not a religious war? So what exactly is it? Here’s a flash for da pope – stick to the pope business and mix out of politics. It ain’t your field.

Tonight is the academy awards at the DNC as finally, at  last, after four very long and tedious nights, Hillary is going to make an appearance. Aside from that nauseaus hug with Obama last night, she’s been hiding out keeping everyone waiting with baited breath until her grand entrance tonight. We could bust from her.

If you watched nothing of this convention, make sure to tune into  her entrance. It’s most likely going to rival the most elaborate broadway set. But wait. Just before she speaks, her daughter Chelsea will introduce her and hopefully warm the audience to her stiff mother.

Remember Ivanka? Elegant, eloquent, beautiful. Check out Chelsea. Hopefully she has better speaking skills than her mother which are nasty to say the least. Blanche, maybe get a message to Hillary’s handlers to give her a nice big shot of vodka to loosen her up. At least she won’t look like a robot. She’ll only sound like one.

One thing the democrats cannot control is the weather. It’s supposed to be armageddon there tonight. Heavy rain, violent winds and lightening. They had to evacuate the media tent as it’s not lightening proof.

And what’s with Zaidy Bernie? Well, he’s no longer a democrat. He went back to being an independent and in the fall, we are assuming after the election, will go back to Vermont, sit in the senate, milk the cows and take care of Vermonters. Guess that takes care of his getting some kind of cushy diplomatic post.

Here’s something Blanche knows from personal experience. People on diets lose tons of weight and then, just like that – poof – back it comes again, like a bad smell. Well, not exactly ‘just like that’. Ya gotta be eating, if you get the drift.

Diets cause people to be stressed, nervous, anxious and think about food all the time. What’s the solution?

Mindful eating. What does that mean? Well Blanche, it doesn’t mean you can  eat six cheese danishes because your mind tells you. It means to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Not stuffed like a turkey dear, just full. As we consider ourselves to be the diet aficionados, we are going to try this new method. We’ll keep you posted.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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